Colouring Class

My eldest daughter is creative. She sketches very well too. After a few months attending art class, she picked up the colouring skill. She got bored and requested to stop.

During December school holiday she got a request from a customer to teach him colouring. We agreed and that is the beginning of our colouring class. After almost a month, we have another student.

I pray that more will join our class.

this is a glimpse of our mini colouring class.

colouring class

Starting it Well – 2014

We ended year 2013, broke but we started it well. We started by spending the time as a family when the clock strikes 12. At work the next day, I was offered to teach art class at a kindergarten. Even though it did not materialized, I now that I have a skill that can help me generate extra income. Furthermore, it did not requires much of my time. I can still run my CC business and my 2 older girls can have the opportunity to teach and put their colouring skill to make their own money! Hope this opportunity will materialized after the Chine New Year holiday. :)

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