Mailing List

When we just started our business, hubby went from one pigeon hole to another distributing leaflet about the opening our cyber cafe. How wonderful if we were to have the mailing list for that area so that we can just mail them the leaflet rather than going from one house after another under the hot sun. How wonderful if we have a company like ListGIANT here. ListGIANT’s provides wide variety of Compiled, Specialty, and Custom Lists. It ranges from Mailing List, Email List, Telemarketing list and even Sales Lead. And best of all, their rates is so affordable. They have Special rates for Agents and Brokers.

Right now, I so need mailing list to the people living in the vicinity of my shop. I want to tell them that we have upgraded and added more computers to my cyber cafe and they can play Blackshot. They no longer have to travel to a further cyber cafe just to play their favorite online game. Looks like I’ll be flipping the Yellow Pages soon.

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