Headphone Stolen

Since I started managing of hubby’s cc, the only thing that got stolen (more like exchange old for new) are shoes. Beginning of this month, I hired a part-time to open the shop for me on Fridays coz I can’t and customers have been pestering me to open on Fridays too. The first Friday that he worked, one brand new headphone got stolen. I did not blame him coz it is my fault for not using the cable tie to tie the cable with other cables. Then last Friday, 2 brand new mouse pads were stolen too. When I am around the thief is more cautious in taking anything out from my shop but with a part-time around, he dares too especially when my part-time worker is engross watching anime movies.

Catching Fish, Kampung Style

This is one of the 3 ponds that we have in our backyard. Due to the dry season, the pond almost dries out and hubby no longer need to use the fishing rod to catch the fishes in there.


He brought his 8yo son into the pond to just scoop the fishes out.

boys in pond

Here was the catch of the day. We gave 3/4 of them to neighbours and friends. :)

fish from pond

Drawing for Sick Children

Do you want to draw for sick children around the world and make them happy to see what you have drawn for them? Check out FB page Stick It To Me. The page is owned by a Malaysian artist & best-selling author Kopi Soh who draws positive healing art for the sick children. Drawings for charity, terminal cases and for children battling illnesses are FREE.

2 weeks ago, she organised a Drawing Challenge for Sick Kids and my 2 older girls participated.

Here are their drawing for the sick kids that they were assigned to.

drawing for bella

drawing for paige

Our Very Own BBQ Nite

bbq nite

Every Chinese New Year we will have BBQ nite which is prepared by my Singh BIL as the chef with the help of his daughters and the rest of us. No one can beat his BBQ meat. He uses the best quality meat and the marinade sauces too. It is a night where everyone look forward too every day. There will be those who does the BBQing at one corner, the smaller children playing fireworks at another corner and the youth chit chatting, strumming their guitar and the adult catching up on each other at the “makan” table.

The above is ours. No special marinade sauce. Just the every day ingredients that we can from out kitchen and fridge was being used to marinade our chicken wing. Most importantly we had a good family bonding session over food. :)

What Potty Train

All my 6 children are not potty trained. I tried with my eldest but she freak out the moment she has to sit on the potty. It is as though the potty will suck her butt in. She will cream and wail when I tried getting her to sit on the “throne”. I did try on each of my children but the 1st 4 thought the potty is a butt sucking monster. So, I just let them wean of their diapers when they are ready. The earliest is my 3rd child, he went diaperless at 2yo. So far the latest is my 5th, a day after her 3rd birthday, she decided she wants to go to the toilet to PU and I bought a potty for her to PM. She did not fear the potty! :)

I believe that not all kids can be potty trained, like mine. When they are ready, they will just go. No stress on my part, no screaming and wailing on theirs. Both of us are happy BUT we did spend more on the diapers but it wasn’t much coz we use cloth diapers and cloth nappy (lampin); washable and reusable. :)

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