What Potty Train

All my 6 children are not potty trained. I tried with my eldest but she freak out the moment she has to sit on the potty. It is as though the potty will suck her butt in. She will cream and wail when I tried getting her to sit on the “throne”. I did try on each of my children but the 1st 4 thought the potty is a butt sucking monster. So, I just let them wean of their diapers when they are ready. The earliest is my 3rd child, he went diaperless at 2yo. So far the latest is my 5th, a day after her 3rd birthday, she decided she wants to go to the toilet to PU and I bought a potty for her to PM. She did not fear the potty! :)

I believe that not all kids can be potty trained, like mine. When they are ready, they will just go. No stress on my part, no screaming and wailing on theirs. Both of us are happy BUT we did spend more on the diapers but it wasn’t much coz we use cloth diapers and cloth nappy (lampin); washable and reusable. :)

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