Guitar Centre

My girls have stopped going for piano lesson for about 2 months. I know that music is good for the brain but until today, we still have not found a good piano teacher for them. My eldest would like to try learning the drum but the lesson is too costly for us. The cheapest we could afford is guitar lesson. I think, I’ll find some time next week to guitar centre to check out their lesson plan and fee.

Fluffy and Furry Pet Bunnies

fluffy and furry bunnies

We have new addition to our family. Meet Atomic and Asterix. They are my eldest girl’s pet bunnies. She bought it from a pet shop for RM90 a pair. They are so cute, fluffy and furry. They look like a puppy from far.

3yo Climbs Ladder with Ease

climbing ladder

My 3yo girl is a fearless girl. Born in the year of the Tiger, she knows no fear. She started climbing up our treehouse at 18 months old. My legs become jelly when climbing the steep ladder to go up the treehouse but she does it with ease. I’ll be standing below her, reminding her to be careful at she steps that she takes. Praise God for His protection, she never miss a step. Climbing up that ladder with MIL is a breeze to her.

Look, no hands!

3yo climbs ladder

How To Teach Toddler How to Say Giraffe

On teaching my 2y3m old son to say “Giraffe”.

Sefy, say “Gi”.
I don’t want to say “Gi”.
Sefy, say “raf”.
I don’t want to say “raf”.
Sefy, say “Giraffe”.
I don’t want to say “Giraffe”.
There, u said “Giraffe”.
No, I did not say “Giraffe”.

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