Nyonya Dumpling Nyonya Chang

The Dumpling Festival this year falls on June 20th. If you plan to get Nyonya Dumpling a.k.a Nyonya Chang to celebrate the festival, you can order from me. :D These are made by a Nyonya from Melaka, living in Melaka.


Many friends who have tried my mom’s Nyonya Chang gave it a thumbs up. We received comments like,

“I have been looking for this for years. It is as good as my late grandma’s Nyonya Chang.”

“The rice was nice, soft and chewy. The pork filling was just as flavourful as the outlet where we use to buy.”

“Your mom’s chang is the only Nyonya Chang my mom angguk bagus.”


My mom is a perfectionist. She makes sure her Nyonya Chang is almost perfect triangle and neatly tuck in and tied. I tried helping her, she rejected mine saying that it is not pretty. First impression is very important, she said. Since she single-handedly make every single piece of the Nyonya Chang, she only make max 50 pieces per day. So, you can assure the quality of her Nyonya Chang. No mass production.

Nyonya Chang1

I am arranging another group buy for my customers in KL. The collection will be at Ara Damansara or maybe Jln Gasing. You can place your order with me and once I get the collection date and time finalised, I’ll inform you. It will be some time in 2nd week June. Email me at cencalukbelacan@gmail.com or Whatsapp at 012-2544606.


These were taken last month. Part of the 400pcs that my mom’s made for my KL customers.

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