Bag Story

I finally got the hang of sewing my bags using my MIL’s antique hand sewing machine. It was very tiring sewing each bag but most importantly I enjoyed every moment of it.

Each of the bags that I sewn has a story behind it. Some interesting and some not so interesting but it will be more fun that just looking at bags. ;)

Product Code: HC #01


I love this bag the most, so does my 4yo son. After I am done sewing it, he said, “Mommy!!! The bag is sooooo nice. Is it for me?” I replied, “Are you a girl?” He pouts, “No, I am a boy.” He went away sadly. :lol:

Product Code: HC #02

english rose

Can’t imagine a tomboy like me will fall in love with flowery material! How time has really transformed me. This is the first fabric that caught my eyes when I was at the Heavy Cotton section. Bought it and couriered to a friend to sew a wristlet for me coz I dunno how too. Will try that pretty soon. ;) The balance, I sewn something that I knew how; a reversible bag. :)

Product Code: HC #03

go green

Then my mom said, “Sew me something with darker material. I want a sling bag too. Easier to go shopping with.” I sew this bag right after sending my girls to school. I was so hungry that I made a quick unhealthy plus healthy breakie for myself; Maggie Mee Curry and a cup of Horlicks. And I spilled my Horlicks while sewing and almost wet the grey lining!

Product Code: HC #03(E)
greensilver lining
This is a Reversible Bag with Embroidered Silver Polyester Fabric on the other side. And this bag will fly to Melbourne soon. :)

Product Code: HC #04

black n white

What’s the story behind the making of this bag? This one, nothing interesting. I got my thumb pricked by the needle. I got backache for sitting too long and I got splitting headache right after I am done sewing this bag. But then, just take a look at the bag. Don’t you just love the design? :)

Product Code: HC #05

bikini top

The design of this bag was inspired by my favorite cousin sister. She has a similar bag that she use everyday she goes. Even to wedding dinner. It has worn off and my mom told me to sew one for her. :)

Product Code: HC #06

magpie n plum blossom

This fabric used for this bag is imported; Japanese Cotton Canvas. I used this material to sew wristlets and many like the design. Recently I managed to buy 1m of it and out came this beautiful bag.

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