Drawing for Sick Children

Do you want to draw for sick children around the world and make them happy to see what you have drawn for them? Check out FB page Stick It To Me. The page is owned by a Malaysian artist & best-selling author Kopi Soh who draws positive healing art for the sick children. Drawings for charity, terminal cases and for children battling illnesses are FREE.

2 weeks ago, she organised a Drawing Challenge for Sick Kids and my 2 older girls participated.

Here are their drawing for the sick kids that they were assigned to.

drawing for bella

drawing for paige

Colouring Class

My eldest daughter is creative. She sketches very well too. After a few months attending art class, she picked up the colouring skill. She got bored and requested to stop.

During December school holiday she got a request from a customer to teach him colouring. We agreed and that is the beginning of our colouring class. After almost a month, we have another student.

I pray that more will join our class.

this is a glimpse of our mini colouring class.

colouring class

Starting it Well – 2014

We ended year 2013, broke but we started it well. We started by spending the time as a family when the clock strikes 12. At work the next day, I was offered to teach art class at a kindergarten. Even though it did not materialized, I now that I have a skill that can help me generate extra income. Furthermore, it did not requires much of my time. I can still run my CC business and my 2 older girls can have the opportunity to teach and put their colouring skill to make their own money! Hope this opportunity will materialized after the Chine New Year holiday. :)

Simple beanie for 1yo

beanie for 1yo

My first beanie was quite big for my 2yo n the colour is brown! I wanted something girlish so I crochet a maroon ones for her. Even though I used the same pattern and size, it turn out smaller than my first. It can’t fit her head but fits nicely on my 1yo but the colour is not for a baby boy. :( So, I’m just gonna keep it as a newborn gift.

My first Crochet Beanie


This is one of my crochet products. I started with a bracelet, then to hairhand, a small flower and this is the latest, a beanie.

The tutorial for crochet beanie mostly are for those living in cold countries. I doubt my girl would want to wear it in our tropical climax. So, I modified the pattern to suite our hot weather here. I crochet more “holes” in the beanie. And above is the result. Have yet to attach a flower to it.

Started Sewing Again and Crocheting too!

Like I do not have enough to do, I started sewing again and just a few days ago, I re-learn how to crochet. I really cannot sit still eh. No wonder cannot put on weight. hehe.

So what I am doing now? I’m a full time mom, full time teacher, part-time working at my CC and whatever spare time I can get, I sew and crochet. As you can see, the time gap between this post and the last. I have been very busy. MIL just came back from 5 weeks of house hopping, so I have more free time now coz she does the cooking for hubby now. So, I use that time to sew. ;)

Actually, I did not plan to sew any bags yet but someone on FB asked me to sew (but she not yet buy any of my bags yet!) and other FB friends started buying, I got excited and motivated to sew more bags.

Then comes the crochet to teach my 2nd girl who loves craft work. Soon, I might crochet some bags to sell too! ^.^ I was looking at wide selection of burlap gift bags, not bad the design. Simple and practical. Might crochet one or two for my girls to use. :D

Jewerly Making with Kids

Next in my homeschooling project is to make jewelry with my kids. In order to do that, I have to drive to the busy Bunga Raya road and almost impossible to find parking area to buy all the stuff needed for jewelry making. I plan to start it simple with just beads and charms. Something they can wear during the CNY. :) I’m excited and my kids will be more excited. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow since hubby will be home the whole day. ;)

Orders for Reversible Bags

Yes! I have 3 orders for my reversible bags and 1 for a sling bag. But only 2 of them will bring me income because the other 2 are for my daughters. ;)

I am so excited about it. I have reason to start sewing again. I might even learn how to sew swags while I’m at it.

Unfortunately, many things came up recently. Kids got 5 days of VBS, we are short of one staff at the CC which means hubby has to go to work every day from morning till after dinner and I have to come in the other CC when the staff is on leave, like today.

So, the orders are kept on hold till…I dunno when. :(

Artistic Talent

I noticed that most homeschoolers are gifted with artistic talent. Either they are good at music, singing, dancing, writing, photography, teaching or drawing/painting/design. Why is that so? It is because when homeschooling those children can have more time to discover their artistic gift/s? Does that mean that all of us are born with a Mozart or Picasso in us? I have yet to find out because we will be starting to homeschool our children soon. :)

Sewing as Side Income

Before I got pregnant with my 5th child, I pick up sewing again. This time, I tried sewing bags and many of my friends in FB like them and started ordering from me. The profit is very little but the satisfaction of being able to produce something that others like kept me sewing for more designs.

Unfortunately, after having my 5th child and after the maid ran away, I have no choice but to halt it completely. My time is now occupied with really being a HOUSEWIFE and a full time MOMMY. Recently, out of the blue someone asked to add her as friend in FB telling me she is interested in my bags. Unfortunately, her request is too much for me to handle that I have to disappoint her.

Maybe, if we hire a maid again, I will take up sewing again. Maybe I’ll sew iPhone cases like otterbox iphone 4 cases. Just maybe. By then I’ll have 6 kids!

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