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Looking Good Again

My youngest child just turned 7 months old. I was expecting that I will go back to my pre-pregnancy weight and shape in 6 months time but I am being disappointed this time. Even though I am a SAHM to 6 young children with no maid to help me, I am still not losing enough weight. I long to look good again in my tight jeans.

What and where did it go wrong? It could be due to c-sec that I was not able to do heavy work in the earlier months that hindered the weight lost. I am still fearful to do sit ups. Worrying that it will triggers the pain at the c-sec area. I shall be patience and wait till my baby turns 1yo. Till then, I shall be content with my shape and weight. ;)

Not even a wedding ring

I have not been wearing any accessories on my body since I gave birth to my first child more than 8 years ago. No necklace, no bracelet, no wedding ring, not even an earring. Before I was pushed in the labor room, I was told to remove all jewelry and since that moment, they never seems to return to their place. After I have my precious baby in my arm, all my jewelries are no longer precious to me. Furthermore, they might scratch my precious baby.

And after I became a SAHM more than 3 years ago, I don’t even wear any of my watches. Time is at my dispense! And who needs a watch when you have a hp. ;)

Special Home Facial Treatment for Busy Mommies

My last trip to the beauty saloon for a facial treatment was more than 3 years ago. Once I got pregnant with my 4th child, I do not have time to visit the beauty saloon. More like, I can’t leave my fully breastfeed baby at home for more than 2 hours. When I finally can leave my baby home, I got pregnant with my 5th child. Looks like I won’t be able to have a proper facial treatment for another year or two! I should start pampering my face with good skin care products eh? But expensive lar.

It would be wonderful if they have special home facial treatment for busy mommy like me. Instead of I go to you, you come to me. Got or not? Price must be reasonable lar. SAHM like me no income one. ;)

Durian is Fattening!

You know what? I don’t think my desire to fit and look sexy in skinny jean will come true by end of this month. The last time I was helperless, I lose 5kg. So I was thinking that I can loose 5kg this time around too. Unfortunately, my mom has been feeding me with all types of durian every day. Today, she even made “pengat durian” to be eaten with steamed glutinous rice. There goes my 5kg. Instead of loosing 5kg, I put on 1kg in a week time! :( I should have not learnt how to eat durian again. 8 years ago, I don’t eat durian at all. Just the durian smell can make me gag. *sigh*

Neat French Braided Hair

french braided hair

This is my first time having my hair braided/plaited the French style. My helper braided it for me. After seeing how neat she French braided my 2nd daughter’s hair, I got her to do mine. It was so tight that I feel my face was really stretched up. Kinda good right? Killing 2 birds with one stone. I got a neat braided hair and also a face lift! :lol: Next, I’ll get her to bun up my hair. :)

Obsessed with Body Shaping

One of my mommy blogger friends is obsessed with body shaping. I am not so sure whether she takes any diet pills to help her slim down after her 4th child but she did mention in FB that she heads the gym 4 times a week. Her tummy is so flat now and looks flawless too! She is aiming to get a body age of 10 years younger than her actual age.; she got 5 more years to go. Hmm…10 years younger. That would be at 27yo for me. My tummy wasn’t that flat when I was at 27yo. The flattest was when I was 17yo and after I got my 4th child. :D

Anyway, what happened to all the stretch marks??? I did get back my flat tummy after giving birth to my 4th child but the ugly stretch marks stayed. Must ask her on that. :)

As for me now, I can’t be obsessed with body shaping now because I am still breastfeeding, not one but 2 babies! Both mine but not twins; tandem nursing. ;) Maybe I should start doing some stretching and sit ups while waiting for the eldest to wean off my boobs. ;)

How To Get Rid of Whiteheads

Does anyone know how to get rid of whiteheads? I know how to get rid of blackheads. It should be the same right? I can see blackheads on my face but how to see the whiteheads arh? To me all is blackheads and I use egg white to get rid of my blackheads. If I got extra money then I will go to the beauty salon and get the professional to get rid of my blackheads and whiteheads. Talking about whiteheads and blackheads, I sooooo needed a facial spa asap. Anyone can sponsor arh? :lol:

Shaping Up for A Cheong Sam

In FB, a few mommies have started working out and shaping up so that they can fit into a Cheong Sam for this Chinese New Year. It is a very tough job especially for us who bloated to the max during pregnancy. It feels like forever or never to get back the pre-pregnancy weight and shape. Some of us will try taking the short cut by popping in diet pills but what is three best diet pill on the market you may ask. I also dunno! :P Another easy way to fit into a Cheong Sam…go make another one lar and try getting those with stretchable fabric. :P

Expensive Ears

My 2nd girl loves jewelry especially earrings. Unfortunately, her ears can only accept silver or gold jewelry. Just like her mother! Our ears are expensive ears. No ordinary metal fashion jewelry can enter into our pierced ears. Due to it, we can only look and adore those beautiful fashion jewelries but can never wear them. So if you wanna buy earrings as a gift for us, make sure they are made of silver or gold ok? ;)

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