Homeschooling Scholarships

Homeschooling here is quite costly because it is still new here. Only a handful parents homeschool their children. We do not have our own homeschool syllabus. Most homeschoolers here follow the US, UK or Australia’s homeschool programme. So you can imagine how much we have to pay for the books, tuition and exam fees. It is not so costly if you have many children though; some programme is based per family basis like ATI but when it comes to high education, I don’t think I can afford to send them to overseas university unless we can get scholarship.

One of hubby’s nephews who is a homeschooler is considering studying at Hillsong College in Australia. He just got his SAT result. He told me that there aren’t any course here that he is interested in. You see, not many colleges accept SAT result.

Looks like I have to reconsider homeschooling my children unless in 5 years time, God really blesses us with more than enough income which is more that just enough to cover our monthly expenses.

One More Paper to Graduation

How I wish I am talking about myself. Too bad, I can only afford to study for one degree. After 10 years of signing up for his 2nd degree via correspondence, he is finally down to one paper. I hope he will be able to finish his last paper by this year. Then he can graduate and we could take a family photograph with him in his graduation wardrobe and hat.

5 Months Old Baby

5 months old baby

Time really flies. As I am typing this, my 5th child is more than 5 months old. In less than a month time, I’ll start her on solid food. We will start with fruits puree first then slowly to veggie with organic millet. No meat or fish till she is over 8 months old. I want to raise another veggie lover in my family; just like my 4th child. :D

I introduced the walker to all my children at 5 months old because I want them to get use to it and sit upright by the time they reach 6 months old. I prefer to feed them when they are sitting upright and not lying down in a bouncing net or baby car seat. I will also teach them to drink from the bottle with straw. Since she is still breastfeeding and I am lazy to spoon feed her water and I don’t intend to introduce the puting to her, drinking using straw is the best way to get more liquid into her body. :)

I know some doctors don’t encourage letting our babies sit in a walker but it is the most convenient and hygienic way for my children to grow up. I live in a kampung house remember? And it is difficult to keep my floor squeaky clean especially with 4 other small children, 9 puppies (2 puppies given away) and a maid that sometimes walk barefoot outdoor and then comes inside the house without washing her feet, so does my younger ones!

Forgotten Birthday

It is ok to forget anniversaries but it is not ok to forget your own flesh and blood birthday. I was very upset for forgetting my first born son’s birthday. Thank God he is a very understanding boy. He even told me that since it is his birthday, he is not angry at me for forgetting his birthday. In his own words, “Mommy, I cannot get angry on my birthday.” Throughout the day, when I lost my temper, he will remind me this, “Mommy, today is my birthday, you cannot get angry at me also.”

A few things happened a week before his birthday that took my mind away from remembering his birthday. First, I got mastitis. That got me worried sick coz I do not want to go under the knife again to remove the puss. There was fever for a few days, swollen breast, headaches and backache. I am not completely healed yet, my MIL was admitted to the hospital due to appendicitis and a day after that, one of my nieces got admitted to the hospital to get her nose bridge stitch by a plastic surgeon due to a fall. After each trip to the hospital, I fell sick again. I figured that my immune system is not strong enough to shield all those viruses that are floating around in the hospitals.

On the day that my MIL got discharged from the hospital, hubby came home wishing his son, “Happy Birthday”. I was busy helping one of my SILs in the kitchen preparing lunch. I was baffled. “Really arh? Today is his birthday meh? Today is June 12? OMG! I totally forgotten that today is his birthday.” I left the kitchen, brought my 5yo son along with me to buy a birthday cake for him. That is the least I can do for forgetting his birthday. I actually planned to have a birthday party for him months before his birthday. Sadly, when the day come, I did not buy any cheap gifts and gift baskets also.

To compensate my forgetfulness, we brought him to McD for dinner that night and the next day, we brought him shopping to pick toys of his choice.

Being A Banana Mommy

The term “Banana” refers to a person who is “yellow” on the outside but “white” in the inside; just like a banana. Yellow refers to a Chinese and White, the English/American. A Chinese who does not speak his/her native language like Mandarin, Hokkien or Cantonese. Instead he/she speak only English. I am one of them except I am not that yellow, more of brownish yellow. Anyway, I am a Malaysian Chinese who is also a Nyonya; Straits born Chinese who does not speak any Chinese dialect.

Because of my Chinese look, some Chinese people can’t understand why I don’t speak their language. When I was studying in Penang, I got scolded by an old man for not answering him in Hokkien. I met him at a petrol station. I never went back to that petrol station after that incident. I often get ignored when I ordered food when I was in Penang. So I make sure my children does not have to go through the same as me. I enrolled them in Chinese medium school.

Coming from a family who does not speak or read Chinese, my girls and their mommy too have to work extra hard before sitting for an examination. I make sure they memorize the Chinese characters for Science and Maths terms. As for Chinese itself, I leave it to their tuition teacher to help them.

Oh ya! They have to put extra effort in understanding the Malay words also. I am a Nyonya whom first language was Malay but I hardly speak Malay to them. They pick up Malay from their grandparents and maid. hehe.

I am so tired now. Doing revision with 2 children is so tiring. Thank God my 3rd child exam starts a week after my girls.

How To Embarrass Your Parents

There are many ways to embarrass your parents, with or without their presence. Just Google it. This is what my girls (8yo n 7yo) did to embarrass us. It happened on Monday at her school canteen.

It is recess time. My 7yo daughter do not feel like eating. Obviously she did not bring along her purse with her to the canteen. So she told her sister that she does not want to eat and does not have any money with her to buy food. My 8yo insisted that everyone must eat during recess time. So she brought her 7yo sister to see one of the teachers and told her that my 7yo does not have money to buy food. So, the teacher told the canteen lady to let my 7yo eat on credit! Isn’t that embarrassing to the parents? I wonder what went on the teacher’s mind. That I did not give pocket money to my 7yo? That I am too poor to provide pocket money for both my girls?

Here’s the conversation we had in the car on the way back from school.

Me: What did you eat in school just now?
8yo: Chicken Rice
Me: Clarissa?
8yo: She told me she does not have money.
Me: Cannot be. I gave her some money. (reach for the purse in her school back to check. confirm, there’s money in it)
7yo: I don’t want to eat but Jie Jie forced me to eat.
8yo: Yalar, it recess time. Everyone must eat.
Me: So, you shared your Chicken Rice with your sister?
8yo: No. I brought her to see the teacher. The teacher say something to the canteen lady and Clarissa must pay tomorrow.
Me : LOL!

My 8yo meant well. She has no intention of embarrassing us. My 8yo is just like her daddy. When it is meal time, whether you are hungry or not, you have to eat, whether you feel like eating or not. My 7yo is just like me. We only eat when we feel hungry and sometimes, we just don’t feel like eating.

Tau Sar Pau or Steamed Bun with Red Bean Paste

Now is Tau Sar Pau phase! Hot steamy buns with sweet, creamy and smooth bean paste filling. We have been making Tau Sar Pau since last week. And we still have not get enough of it. Looks like we will be making steamed buns until we got bored eating them.

tau sar paured bean paste filling

Last night, we allowed our children to play with the pau dough. They had so much fun rolling, pulling and twisting the pau dough. And here is the result of their effort of making steamed bun. This time we have 2 types of steamed buns; one with the red bean paste and another with sausages.

steamed buns

How To Be A Genius


My 8yo is currently reading this book. Almost everyday she asked me how to be a genius like Einstein so that she does not have to go to school, just like Einstein. Her motive to be a genius is ONLY to not go to school! Haiya! I thought she really hope she can be super clever.

How to be a genius then?

Since Einstein is a Jewish, we know that his mother ate lots of fish when she is pregnant. That’s the Jewish diet for pregnant woman. Fish is food for the brain! Belle said. “Mommy, how I wish you ate a LOT of fish when you were pregnant with me.” I think I did eat more fish when I am pregnant with her. That is why she is above average in her studies. ;)

Jewish are the blessed people. There is no doubt about it. God keeps His promises. Take a look around you, most of the geniuses are Jews. So I told Belle to pray that God will bless her with good brain too. ;)

Einstein loves to read about Science and Mathematics. And he thinks a lot and asked a lot of question. That got Belle to show more interest in memorizing her multiplication. :lol:

I think if she continues to ask me How To Be A Genius, I’ll get her to Google about it lar. I’m out of idea. :P

Catapult Slingshots

I mentioned that we have more than one suitor right? After getting what they wanted, they have been sticking around to the extend of sleeping over at our place; at our car porch and stealing our dog’s food.

To date, there are 4 of them! Shooing them does not work. So hubby made a few catapult slingshot to scare away these stray dogs.

Catapult Slings

Hubby made one each of our 3 older children. The first catapult slingshot were bought though.

Catapult Slings

The children had fun playing with their new toys yesterday. So does their daddy. ;)

About Making Babies

We have a bitch at home. For the past few days we more than one “suitor” coming to try their luck in getting “into” her. They got no manners one; they did “it” in the presence of my children! I had a hard time answering my eldest with regards to that.

“Mommy, why did the bigger dog climb on top of Julee?”
“Why did the dog stick his konek into Julee’s bontot?”
“Mommy, it got stuck for a while but thank goodness it came out after a while.”

Time to explain to her about the bird and the bees. On that day, she learned new words like sex, mating, sperm, egg, ovum and making babies. She is very excited to know that her dog will be having babies soon.

Then came another question…“Which dog will be the babies’ daddy?” That took me by surprise, “Huh???” She then told me that there are 2 dogs that climb over Julee and got stuck for a while. Then she figured out by herself that the daddy must be the first dog because his sperm went to find the egg first. *smart girl* (but not necessary though) :P

After that came question like, Why is her tummy still flat? Is she pregnant yet? How long will she be pregnant? When will the babies come out? How does dog give birth? I told her to Google about it then print to read. At the same time, I went to Youtube to search on video about dog giving birth and let her watch. This is the video that she watched.

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