Blessed New Year 2016

This year is gonna be an exciting year for me. 2 of my younger children is in kindergarten. I have one teenager this year who is also starting to prepare for IGCSE. I am going all out to promote my Nyonya Chang and praise God that I have a part-time helper now whom I am teaching how to wrap the Chang too. Homeschooling for my other children resumes too. My schedule is pack every day. From God I draw my strength and giving glory back unto Him for His blessings.

Headphone Stolen

Since I started managing of hubby’s cc, the only thing that got stolen (more like exchange old for new) are shoes. Beginning of this month, I hired a part-time to open the shop for me on Fridays coz I can’t and customers have been pestering me to open on Fridays too. The first Friday that he worked, one brand new headphone got stolen. I did not blame him coz it is my fault for not using the cable tie to tie the cable with other cables. Then last Friday, 2 brand new mouse pads were stolen too. When I am around the thief is more cautious in taking anything out from my shop but with a part-time around, he dares too especially when my part-time worker is engross watching anime movies.

Mailing List

When we just started our business, hubby went from one pigeon hole to another distributing leaflet about the opening our cyber cafe. How wonderful if we were to have the mailing list for that area so that we can just mail them the leaflet rather than going from one house after another under the hot sun. How wonderful if we have a company like ListGIANT here. ListGIANT’s provides wide variety of Compiled, Specialty, and Custom Lists. It ranges from Mailing List, Email List, Telemarketing list and even Sales Lead. And best of all, their rates is so affordable. They have Special rates for Agents and Brokers.

Right now, I so need mailing list to the people living in the vicinity of my shop. I want to tell them that we have upgraded and added more computers to my cyber cafe and they can play Blackshot. They no longer have to travel to a further cyber cafe just to play their favorite online game. Looks like I’ll be flipping the Yellow Pages soon.

I Can’t work

After more than a month working, I decided that I really can’t work, be a mom and a teacher at the same time! I get stress up easily and I snaps easily at the lil mistake than my children do. I became a shouty mom and my children picked it up and started being shouty at each other especially my eldest.

Since I can’t find any suitable candidate to take over my job, I put my business up for sale. So now, it is either a worker or a new owner.

I can’t jeopardize my children’s future just for some extra cash.

Dah Jatuh Ditimpa Tangga

That was what I felt 2 days ago. Hubby was not well to the extend that he told me to close my CC and help him manage his.

The sales were slow during the hours we were there. In a way, it was good because it give hubby more time to rest and I was not so kelam kabut.

Minutes after we left the shop, hubby received a phone call from our night staff that there was a power failure. By 10pm, we closed the shop coz the power supply was still not back yet.

The sales, was very minimal that day. And no sales from my CC coz it is closed too. :(

One Month, One Thousand

Today is the last day of September. Today is the first month that I worked for a full month since I resigned from my office job 5 years ago. And the salary that I received is NONE!

One thousand is my profit for this month and that is my so-called salary that I did not have.

Praise God that with that one thousand, I can pay my dad for my car loan, I paid my mom her monthly allowance and my children swimming lesson fee.

That lessen hubby’s financial burden. :)

2.5yo Hacker

My routine when I arrived my workplace is to login my FB and Gmail. Then I’ll leave it idle when I attend to my children and customers.

Recently, my 2.5yo daughter discovered the function of the “ENTER” key. When I am not looking, she’ll go to the computer to see what she can do! She started sending message to hubby on Gmail chat and even left comment on my FB.

She even went to and almost purchase a safety equipment for me!

I posted a special message on my FB to ignore any unreadable comment from me, telling that my 2.5yo hacked my computer. ;)

Children’s Room is Ready

Today, we were told that my BIL that is helping me out with my CC that he got the job that he applied and he can start work any time. So, he will try it out this Monday. Looks like we (my 6 children and I) will be working every day from opening till closing!

We need to make the CC as “home” as possible for the children since they will be stuck there the whole day. So, after church, we went there to clean up the store room into their playroom, bedroom and study room. We found some brown wire christmas lights and a few other broken electrical items that can be recycled.

We laid a fruity and a checkered rubber mat for them. Tomorrow, I’ll bring in some storybooks to keep them occupied and toys too.

They requested for a TV. Hmmm…I don’t think so! :P

TV in Our Cyber Cafe

I am considering whether I should put a TV at my cyber cafe. Since I need to bring all 6 to work with me, I need some entertainment for them besides the computer for that many hours of working there. I have a few educational DVDs for them. Not only I need to look for mounting brackets at standandmounts but I need to buy a DVD player too!

Let’s see how the income will be for this month. :D

A Banker works in a Cyber Cafe

Praise God for his perfect timing. One of my BILs resigned from his banking job a month ago. So, we asked him to help us out by working at my cyber cafe while waiting for a better job offer.

And I started work again. It is tiring but good to be at work, serving the customers and seeing the sales increasing. No more worries of loses due to giving wrong change.

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