How much does it cost to replace tablet’s screen?

Last week, I bought a made in Taiwan tablet for RM235 only. It was a bit hit amongst my children. 5 of them taking turns to play it. On the 1st day, the screen got so many scratches. Thank God there’s a layer of protection on the screen; it can be replaced for about RM10.

On the 3rd day, while I was bathing, I heard my 2yo telling me that battery finished. I told her to get her sister to charge it but she did not budge from the bathroom door. The moment I opened the bathroom door, she dropped my tablet and the screen cracked. I tab on it to check whether it can still work, another crack line appeared then another.

I was furious. RM235 is a lot of money to me, it took me quite some time to finally decided to get a tablet for myself. I actually wanted to buy a bigger Android phone which will cost me around RM800 but after thinking that I only want it to surf the net (FB, Youtube, Candy Crush!) so I opt for a cheaper option, that is buying the tablet.

A friend told me that it is better to buy new ones coz the screen is very expensive. If I have to get a new tablet, that’s it for owning a tablet. Can’t afford to buy another tablet.

I gave a call to the shop that I bought the tablet from and she told me that the screen can be replaced and it will cost around RM80. What a relief! My eldest daughter beg me to use her CNY angpow money coz she felt it is her fault for not keeping close watch on her baby sister while she plays. I did remind her to keep an eye on her while she plays coz she often drop my phone.

Yesterday, I went to collect my tablet n it is brand new again. And I’m hiding it from my 2yo. Can’t afford to waste another RM80. :P

Mother of 6 Working in Cyber Cafe

Today is the 3rd time to many of times working in a cyber cafe. The first time, I brought along my 7.5mo, 22mo and 9yo. It was a bad idea to bring my toddler along. Not easy to handle an active toddler who wants to do everything with you. If possible I do not want to bring my 7.5mo too but I can’t because he is still on 100% Mommy’s milk; direct feed. The rest of my children, I left them at my parents’ house because they have their cousins to play with. 2nd and 3rd time, I left my toddler under the care of her older brothers, sister, cousins and her grandparents.

I have to bring my 9yo with me because she can help me carry her baby brother when I need to entertain the customer/s like printing, photostating and binding.

To keep my 9yo occupied, I got her to start doing Grade 3 AOP subjects. One unit completed, she is allowed 2 hours of computer time. One unit contained 46-52 pages. So, she’ll do half of it for an hour computer time and another half for another hour.

That’s how a mother of 6 can work. With many helpers in hand. :D

Link Removal

Last week, my blogs got suspended again due to mysql server resource abuse caused by one of my database. And I have no idea what it is all about until one of the support personnel told me to do WordPress Optimization. I did most of it except decreasing the number of external links in my blogs coz this takes time. A LOT of my precious time. For someone who does not even have enough time to complete the house chores in a day, taking time to remove links from my blogs (not one but at least 2 of them) will mean lesser sleep. Is there any plugins to remove link/s from blog post than is more than a year?

I need to really plan this out and try to squeeze at least 0.5 hour a day to remove links from a few blogs since year 2008! My anak to young lar…if not I’ll sub to her this tedious job. ;)

Cheap eReaders

This year, I know what to buy for hubby on his 40th birthday. Half time, the big FOUR ZERO. Must make it a day to remember. I hope Google would be kind enough and sponsor my birthday gift for hubby; an eReader. He told me many times that it would help him preach better. No need to flip the pages of his bible or concordance. There are so many e readers to choose from. I have till end of this year to survey the market and choose the best gadget for him. :)

Video Conferencing

I have more online friend than offline friend. When I was still working in the office (i’m still working now but not in the office. hehe) I often chat with them thru MSN or Yahoo Messenger. Back then, no Facebook yet. Sometimes, I caught then at the wrong time that is when they are having a video conferencing with their client or bosses. I wonder why they keep their status online during the video conferencing. You don’t want others to bug you, make your status offline or invisible lar. Anyway, I have no time to bug anybody now. I miss my online chatting days.

Buying New Printer

Last week I tag along hubby in search of a new printer. It is not easy to find a printer that is refillable, cost effective and durable. There are different brands, models and types of printer. They even have the receipt printer, printer that specialized in printing photos only, laserjet, inkjet etc. Hubby ended up buying a refillable inkjet that is able to print A3 paper too.

Debt Crisis

Thanks to Wm Rowe

Today I was listening to NPR’s Morning Edition and they were airing one of their stories about the debt crisis. I feel like NPR is taking over my brain, and they have really come to shape my understanding of our nation’s financial crisis. I have not lost my job or been significantly set back by the debt crisis, but constantly hearing about the effects of the debt crisis on our nation as a whole and on other’s people’s lives have really gotten me in mindset that I need to be spending as little money as possible. I decided that I needed to examine every aspect of my life and manage my spending as much as possible. I decided that one easy place to start saving was on internet. I went online and did some research and came across I found that I could get the internet I was used to for a better price and wouldn’t have to even pay for installation. I went ahead and signed up, and I honestly was proud of myself for beginning to take proactive steps to better manage my money.

Laptop in Workshop

Since hubby is hardly around these days, I can get to use the desktop more often. So, my laptop has been abandoned. Since it is lying in the box collecting dust, I sent it for repair. I hope they can get good laptops batteries for me and the cover can be fixed. The thing is, when I have assignments to write and I am not busy, the desktop is being occupied by my hubby. When I am free, I am nothing to do on the computer. :(

Blog Suspended Forever

My host has not been replying my emails, text messages and call with regards to the suspension of my blog at I am really saddened by his silence. He used to be a very nice and helpful online friend but why the sudden change in attitude, I wonder. You can never be too busy to reply a text message or pick up the phone and tell me “Sorry, I have no money to pay the host to get them to unsuspended the domain. I need money to pay for my loan kah, my kids are hospitalised and I am short of cash etc.”

At least tell me what’s going on. Don’t give me hope that I get to see my blog which I wrote about my children’s milestones. At least I can mourn for the death of my blog and all the memories that I have blogged.

Does anyone know how to get back all my post on a suspended blog?

How To Monitor Electricity Bill Online

This month we were left with a big “angpow” by my tenant, a foreign MMU student; it was a RM2.5k of unpaid electricity bills and RM50 of water bills (thank God the water bill is under the Apartment’s Management control. They cut the water supply after 3 months no payment from the tenant). The deposit with us is definitely insufficient to pay for the bills. :(

I wonder why TNB did not cut the electricity supply when no payment was made within that 3 months and the amount exceeded the deposit amount. I still remember when one of my BILs started living with us, our electricity bills shot up from merely RM50++ per month to almost RM200, TNB immediately increased the deposit amount.

I think arh, TNB purposely do that to certain housing area coz they know most are rented properties. So if the tenant does not pay, the landlord have to pay in order for them to rent it out to another tenant. TNB make money mah. Later I found out that there are other landlord that have to pay way much more than me! Almost 50K! TNB sleeping kah? Read it here:

Due to this incident, I found out that we can actually check our electricity bill online at First you have to sign up for their e-services than you can see your statement for the last 6 months including the place where payment was made. Am sure gonna monitor closely my apartment’s electricity from this month onwards.

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