Started Music Lesson Again

Praise God that my eldest daughter started music lesson again. One of our church young adults offered to teach the youth any musical instrument that they want to learn. I thought my daughter will pick the jazz electric guitar or the drum but she chose the keyboard. After quitting piano class, I thought she want to stay away from getting piano lesson due to her past unpleasant experience. She told me that she wanted to learn how to play the keyboard because she wants to serve in church.

Yamaha Guitar

During the recent Cheng Beng family gathering, one of my nieces brought back her yamaha hs80. It seems that my eldest daughter has been arranging for her to do so, so that they can jam while the parents are busy catching up. My girl on the piano and her cousin sister on the guitar. Praise God for blessing them with music talent. The house is always filled with music.

Drum Set

When I see someone posted drum sets for sale, I am so tempted to purchase it for my kids. Later, when I found out the fee for drum lesson, I changed my mind. At least for now. It is so expensive, like RM50 for 30mins lesson. I should have pick up drum from one of my church members for free when I was still in school. I could earn big buck now. To those who are interested to purchase a drum set, click here.

Niece Learning Guitar

I just found out that one of my nieces is the learning how to play the guitar from her cousin brother. She is the same age as my eldest. I guess soon, she will be able to play the taylor gs mini e. I tried teaching my children how to play the guitar but they gave up after 10mins of trying to hold down the chords! “My fingers are painful, Mommy. I don’t want to learn anymore.” Oh well, have to wait till they are older then.

Guitar Centre

My girls have stopped going for piano lesson for about 2 months. I know that music is good for the brain but until today, we still have not found a good piano teacher for them. My eldest would like to try learning the drum but the lesson is too costly for us. The cheapest we could afford is guitar lesson. I think, I’ll find some time next week to guitar centre to check out their lesson plan and fee.

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