Christmas Family Presentation

This Christmas we surprised the church members with a family dance presentation. Some of them have seen me and my 2 older daughters danced on stage but not the whole family especially my husband.

more than a good man

We dance to the song More Than A Good Man which my 4 older children learned from their recent VBS. We spent less than 5 days practicing but praise God we managed to dance as a family without much mistakes and we had fun. If my youngest 2.5yo was not taking his nap at that time, he will be on stage dancing with all of us.

The response was overwhelming with the pastor encouraging other families to follow suit in the coming Christmas celebration. :)

School Holiday Plan

The school holiday is finally here. That means, I do not have to go to work. I can spend my time at home with my children. So far, I have signed them up for a camp, computer programming course and sushi making class which is away from home! haha. I also plan to make muffins, cupcakes, cookies and maybe make personalized christmas tree ornaments as Christmas gift. We are also invited to 2 birthday parties and 3 of our own too. Oh ya! Children Christmas Carolling too and sleepover. Looks like this is going to be a busy school holiday for us. :)

Beach Exploration

exploring at the beach

Sunday is the only day that hubby can spend time with his 6 children. Here they were, at the beach, exploring. Finding unusual stuff on the beach. They found a lugworm nest!

Outdoor Bonding Time

outdoor bonding time

I took this photo while thinking about what to write for the Scouting Camera Reviews. This last baby of mine loves outdoor. The moment he started walking, he will walk out of the house the moment he sees the opportunity; open door. He can spend hours outdoor, playing with the stones, leaves, dirt, water, grass and whatever he can find on the ground. He never fall sick due to the dirt on his hands or body. Praise God for blessing him with stronger immune system.

Our Very Own BBQ Nite

bbq nite

Every Chinese New Year we will have BBQ nite which is prepared by my Singh BIL as the chef with the help of his daughters and the rest of us. No one can beat his BBQ meat. He uses the best quality meat and the marinade sauces too. It is a night where everyone look forward too every day. There will be those who does the BBQing at one corner, the smaller children playing fireworks at another corner and the youth chit chatting, strumming their guitar and the adult catching up on each other at the “makan” table.

The above is ours. No special marinade sauce. Just the every day ingredients that we can from out kitchen and fridge was being used to marinade our chicken wing. Most importantly we had a good family bonding session over food. :)

Just Another Year

Once you celebrated your 40th birthday; half time, 41st birthday is just another year. Not a big deal anymore. That was how we celebrated hubby’s birthday this year.

Both of us were working on that day. No time for me to prepare any special lunch or dinner for him. Not even a cake. He does not want me to buy a cake for him. So, I left my 2nd daughter, 9yo at my parent’s house so that she can bake a cake for her daddy.

A day before his birthday, hubby and I when to dine at his favorite restaurant, Kensington. He ordered his usual, Creamy Chili Seafood Pasta and Kiwi Juice.

So, that’s it.

No PD due to Rainy Weather

I booked an apartment with Bayu Beach Resort for a night stay in Port Dickson. But due to the rain, we cancelled our reservation because it is no point going there when we can’t spend our time at the beach and the swimming pool when it rains.

Since leave has already been arranged we diverted to spending our holiday in Melaka. We brought all our 6 children to watch movie at GSC, Aeon Bandaraya. Bringing children to a movie, it has to be animation, so we watched Frozen. No regrets. :)

Then we had lunch at Jusco Food court then to Kids Playground; RM10 per child, unlimited time. My 2 older daughters went for 6D Motion Ride, tried the massage chair and went Christmas shopping with me.

We went home to rest for my babies to take their nap then we went to Air Panas Gadek for a swim in the hot water spring. We left around 9pm for dinner at McD then to Klebang Beach for supper!

No regrets for not being able to spend our holiday in PD.

Am I still a child?

I want to rant a bit today. To the people older than me, even when I am 39 years old already, they still treat me as the little girl that they once knew.

I was really hurt the other day. “You must be responsible if something happened bla bla bla.” was the sentence that hurt me the most. Hello! I am married woman with 6 children and a business to run. Don’t you think that I do not understand simple matter like responsibility, family and work?


Praise God for the opportunity for me to learn a valuable lesson that day.

Baby Whisperer

Baby whisperer is my 2nd daughter, Clarissa. She is truly a blessing to me. She maybe the attention seeker when she was younger, almost every day made me climb the wall but she grew up beautifully. She is cheerful, caring and helpful too. She loves to sing and she can even put her 3 younger siblings to sleep by singing to them. Ahhh…one challenge taken up from me. PTL!

I Can’t work

After more than a month working, I decided that I really can’t work, be a mom and a teacher at the same time! I get stress up easily and I snaps easily at the lil mistake than my children do. I became a shouty mom and my children picked it up and started being shouty at each other especially my eldest.

Since I can’t find any suitable candidate to take over my job, I put my business up for sale. So now, it is either a worker or a new owner.

I can’t jeopardize my children’s future just for some extra cash.

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