Oct 5
Dah Jatuh Ditimpa Tangga
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That was what I felt 2 days ago. Hubby was not well to the extend that he told me to close my CC and help him manage his.

The sales were slow during the hours we were there. In a way, it was good because it give hubby more time to rest and I was not so kelam kabut.

Minutes after we left the shop, hubby received a phone call from our night staff that there was a power failure. By 10pm, we closed the shop coz the power supply was still not back yet.

The sales, was very minimal that day. And no sales from my CC coz it is closed too. :(

Sep 30
One Month, One Thousand
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Today is the last day of September. Today is the first month that I worked for a full month since I resigned from my office job 5 years ago. And the salary that I received is NONE!

One thousand is my profit for this month and that is my so-called salary that I did not have.

Praise God that with that one thousand, I can pay my dad for my car loan, I paid my mom her monthly allowance and my children swimming lesson fee.

That lessen hubby’s financial burden. :)

Jun 26
Staff weak in Maths
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After thinking hard about this month’s sales, I realised that one of the reasons the sales is low could be due to miss calculation. Hubby did inform me that one of our staffs is very weak in Math. To me, weak in Math normally refers to difficult Maths problem not the simple plus and minus. So, I went to test him a few days ago. To my surprise, even with using the calculator he can get the wrong amount. :(

I trusted them, so I was not strict in making them enter every transaction into the system. Yes, they are trustworthy but they make me lose due to simple calculation, no more leniency with them anymore. Every transaction must be entered into the system. The system will serve as the POS for them. No need to press, press the calculator to get the sales amount. Key in every type of sales, the system will give you the exact amount to be charged to the customer.

I hope and pray that next month’s sales will increase.

Jun 2
My Income for May 2013
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Since I started working “part-time” at the cyber cafe, I managed to claim some income to call my own. Last month, I work for 57 hours and my pay comes up to RM200++ but I claimed RM200 only. Well, it is my business after all. :P But it feels good to receive salary again. :) I can do whatever I like with the cash with no question asked my hubby. hehe. I can invest it, I can spend it buying clothes, I can spend my children etc. So far, I have not spend my RM200. Maybe, I’ll give hubby a McD treat later. :)

Mar 29
Source of Blessings and Prosperity
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Do you know who is the source of our blessings and prosperity? God is the source of our blessings and prosperity and we are the river where God’s blessings flow through. Once the blessings start to flow, you can even own restaurants lehigh valley. Can I hear an “Amen” to that? :D

We are exercising our faith right now. And we are very excited to see how God works through us. He has blessed everyone of us who put our trust in Him. It is up to us to claim His blessings.

Listen to Andrew Wommack’s teaching and you will understand what I am talking about. :)

Mar 2
Old Acoustic Piano
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God has been very good to us. Again He is our Jehovah Jireh. As you all know that my girls are taking piano lesson and their teacher informed us that we need to get them a piano for them to practice at home. She can even help us to get one on installment. We can’t afford to pay the down payment for a used car, what more for a piano. We told our children, for the time being to be contented with just a battery operated keyboard and pray, in due time God will bless them with a real piano.

Just last month, my girls told us that they can no longer practice on their 54 keys keyboard. Not enough keys! I told hubby about it and knowing our financial situation, I agreed with hubby when he told his children to imagine the keys are there when they practice. ;)

God saw and God bless! My eldest BIL recently moved to the city from living in an estate bungalow. He decided to give away his old acoustic piano because it is big and heavy. He offered it to us and we said “Yes!” immediately. :) We need only pay for the transportation cost. Isn’t God good! From spending RM5-7k, we need only come out less than RM500.

Next in our prayer list is an 8 seaters or more MPV.

Jun 15
Insurance Policy Payment
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The Government said that one person can only hold 2 credit cards. I have 3! One of it is a forced to have when I applied for my homeloan. In the first place, I thought I have to hold on to that card as long as I still owe the bank but that is not deal after checking with the homeloan officer recently. Thank God! If not I will have to use the card for another 9 years! So, I know which card to cancel but I have to transfer my affordable term life insurance and my children’s education insurance to the other card. ;)

Mar 18
Studying Medicine in Russia
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One of my cousins wanted to study medicine but she did not get 4.0 in the recent STPM result. For a Malaysian Chinese, if you don’t get straight As, don’t hope to get any place in the local university to study medicine. Next option is to study in private medical colleges and that will cost quarter of a million ringgit for a degree. Thanks to Russia, you can study medicine for half the price and that is where my cousin is going in 5 months time; self sponsored though. I heard that she is going to use hers and her sibling’s education insurance to realise her dream of becoming a Pediatrician. That’s a good way since 2 of her siblings got full government scholarship studying in the local university here. If any of my children wants to study medicine, I don’t think their education insurance is enough to cover all the expenses, not even the wholesale life insurance that I got for myself. We need to sell our apartment then only can afford. ;)

Feb 22
Scaling Back
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Thanks for the post, Nora Howe

I used to be a real estate broker, but I had to get another job when the real estate market crashed in 2008 I hadn’t sold a house in six months when I decided it was time to call it quits. I went from working for myself and making about $100,000 per year, to working in a cubicle and making $35,000. When I found my current job I felt lucky to have an income since things were getting so bad. Even though I was working, the kids and I had to get cutting back on many luxuries we were used to. It killed me when I had to sell our home and move into an apartment. The kids didn’t mind that so much, but they did mind that I could no longer afford to have cable TV. Once I got back on my feet and saved a little, getting that back for them was one of the first things on my agenda. I decided to get Directv through tvbydirect and the kids were so excited. I surprised them right before Christmas, and they were definitely happy with that gift!

Jan 28

Ever since hubby told me to really consider homeschooling our children by next year, I have been Googling about homeschooling programme, talked to my SIL who homeschool her 5 children, talked to her children about what they have learned, got some AOP books from my aunt who homeschool both her children, took a look at ACE workbooks and met with a mother who just started homeschool this year using the Sonlight and Noeo Science curriculum.

Meeting with some of these mothers motivated me to start homeschooling as soon as we could. But finance is the obstacle now. We need time to raise up the fund for it. We weren’t prepared earlier for homeschooling so we did not have any education saving for our children.

We wanted them to go through what we went through; government school then to local university with scholarship or government loan. We need not save for their education cost, just like how we got our degree.

Unfortunately, due to the deterioration of Malaysian education standard, we see the need to homeschool our children. We see the need to put character first before academic excellence in which the government school does not emphasize.

We are praying that God will bless us with more than enough to finance our children homeschooling needs.

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