Sep 20

I started sending my 3 older children for swimming class about 3 months ago. They started with free style. My eldest, 10yo managed to swim free style after 8 lessons and my 2nd girl, 9yo after 10 lessons. My 7yo is a slow learner, he can only float and kick at the 11th lesson.

Just now was their 12th lesson. My 2nd girl progressed faster than her older sister. She can swim breast stroke too. She has better stamina and can swim farther than her sister. My eldest can swim back stroke too.

That was the promised given by the swimming instructor. They (husband and wife) us that most of their student can swim by 12th lesson.

We will continue so that my children can perfect their strokes. :D

Mar 3

olive nappy rash cream
Olive Baby Nappy Cream and Baby Moisturizer Milk

When I received both products, I have no idea how to review them because I do not need to use nappy rash cream on my baby because he is on 99% cloth diapers. Cloth diaper = no nappy rash. As for the moisturizer milk, I am not into putting any “chemical” on my baby soft skin except for the Sebamed soap for bathing. But we’ll see. Read on. :)

Thanks (no thanks) to Chinese New Year, I have to wear my baby disposable diapers because we are out of the house frequently and for long hours. After 2 days on disposable diapers, I saw my baby scratching his bum bum. When I check, lo and behold, there are some rashes there. My poor baby.

Aha! My opportunity to test Olive’s Baby Nappy Cream. After 2 days of applying the Nappy Cream after each wash, his bum bum is as good as new. :D I am a happy mommy. No need to borrow my sister’s nappy cream. I have one which is better than hers. :)

Just a few days ago, another type of rash appeared due to wearing soiled diapers. This time it took longer for it to go away because he was purging for 2 days and a few times, he was left soiled un-noticed. :( After the purging stopped, I applied the Olive Nappy Cream religiously for 3 days and now my 11mo is nappy rash free.

As I mentioned, I am not keen in applying any “chemical” on my baby’s soft skin but I give it a go with Olive’s products because it is made of natural plant extracts and extra virgin olive oil. Apart from that, their products are:

* pH balanced

* free from mineral oils and propylene glycol

* free from petroleum by-products

* free from synthetic preservatives or parabens

* free from sodium laureth sulphate

* free from irradiated ingredients

* free from artificial colourings

* free from dioxane

* free from ethoxylated surfactants

* fast absorbing, non-greasy

* nutrient rich and concentrated

* suitable for all skin types

* pleasantly scented using hypoallergenic fragrances.

More than enough to convince me to apply the cream generously on my baby skin.

As for the Olive Baby Moisture Milk, I have not tried on my baby yet. No reason to BUT I tried it on my crack fingers just before the CNY while I was having a baking Nyonya Pineapple Tarts marathon. I thought, my fingers are made of iron so I did not bother to wear glove when cutting the pineapples. The acid from the pineapples sliced through my fingers like a sharp knife. Apart from that, my fingers became super dry. I need fast healing because I have hundreds of pineapple tarts to bake. Then I remembered the Baby Moisture Milk. If it works on my skin, I’m sure it will work on my baby’s soft skin. So, before bedtime, I applied a tiny dropped on the cut and pampered my hands too. The next morning, amazingly, the cut is healed and my hands stayed soft. I managed to bake pineapple tarts without ouching away. :)

I am only giving you a glimpse of 2 of their products. You can check them out on their website and facebook page for more info on other products, reviews, as well as promotions and contests or directly go to their stores to sample them yourself.

Dec 28
Time for prescription glasses
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These days, I have to remove my glasses when I need to read, eat or do sewing. With my glasses on, my vision is blurry. Looks like my eyes are aging faster than my body. :( Soon, I would need prescription glasses to read! By then, you can call me “Auntie” I won’t scold you. hehe. I went here for prescription glasses. They have quite a collection of great looking glasses at a very affordable prices. I just hope the postage isn’t costly to my side of the world. ;)

Dec 10
Christmas Gift Exchange
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Christmas is just around the corner. Since we do not celebrate Christmas as in having a Christmas tree at home or opening our house on Christmas day or even having a roast turkey for our Christmas dinner. We just go to church and praise God for sending His only son to this earth to rescue us from eternal death.

Anyway, on Christmas night this year, the church that I’m attending are going to have “makan” fellowship and gift exchange. My children are excited about it. We are done with that Christmas gifts shopping. Since Christian are not encouraged to smoke, we did not buy camacho triple maduro cigars for an uncle who does smoke. Must buy Hacks for him to help him stop smoking. ;)

Nov 21
Cycling Adventure
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cycling adventure

The school holiday is here. I can choose to sleep in till 8am or wake up at the same time when it is school day to go cycling. My eldest likes the idea of going cycling with mommy because all this while she cycled with daddy.

On the first day, we cycled for 3km only as I fear that I will exert my c-sec scar. On the 2nd day, we cycled to the beach and back home the same way. We cycled for 8km. On the 3rd day, we tried cycling further. We made one big round to reach home. From home to the beach to Pulau Gadong, to my parents’ place and back home. It was about 13km ride. My c-sec area hurts.

So, we decided to rest till this day. Might try again tomorrow. :)

Nov 1
Looking Good Again
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My youngest child just turned 7 months old. I was expecting that I will go back to my pre-pregnancy weight and shape in 6 months time but I am being disappointed this time. Even though I am a SAHM to 6 young children with no maid to help me, I am still not losing enough weight. I long to look good again in my tight jeans.

What and where did it go wrong? It could be due to c-sec that I was not able to do heavy work in the earlier months that hindered the weight lost. I am still fearful to do sit ups. Worrying that it will triggers the pain at the c-sec area. I shall be patience and wait till my baby turns 1yo. Till then, I shall be content with my shape and weight. ;)

Oct 28
Measles or Heat Rash
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sefy at the beach

My youngest baby has tiny read spots all over his body. He refuses to eat his solid. He drinks less milk too. His stool is watery. He had fever 2 days before the rashes appear. His fever was very mild. I gave him some barley drink on the 2nd day of his fever. The next day, I saw some rashes appeared on his tummy. My mom told me that his body is heaty. The next day, I gave him some fresh young coconut water to cool him down. The day after that, more rashes appeared all over his body and face. No more fever though. I had measles before. It looks like measles to me. As I am typing this, the rashes are lesser now. Praise God for His healing touch.

Sep 24
I Love Hiking
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I love hiking and I miss hiking. The last time I had the change to hike up a hill was when I was in USM. Almost every evening, I will hike up Bukit Jambul. I wanted to hike up Penang Hill but I have no hiking partner then. It is dangerous to hike up there all alone.

I hope in another 2 years time, when my youngest is more independent and can be left at home with his siblings, I want to resume hiking. I am going to drag hubby along this time. As an incentive, I’ll buy for him the Garmont Zenith hiking boots.

I came to know of a SAHM of 6 too who love hiking and camping recently. She did not wait till her youngest to grow older to hike. Children were never a hindrance to her passion to hike and camp. She packed her youngest into her backpack and hike with the rest. I don’t think I can do the same. No stamina lar. ;)

Jul 30
Killing Germs with Clorox
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Almost 2 weeks ago, I shared about killing germs in the air using vinegar. Today, I want to share about how to kill germs on the floor using Clorox. There are many floor cleaners that claims they can kill 99% bacteria/germs. No harm trying but killing bacteria and germs using Clorox is a cheaper. I am using the Giant/Tesco floor cleaner (one of the cheapest in the market). I add to it around half a capfull of Clorox into my pail of water. So far, so good. This tips was shared to me by my Singh BIL. :D

Jul 19
Kill Germs with Vinegar
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Since 2 days ago, all of us living in this house except my eldest daughter are sick. Everyone caught the flu and cough bugs. Myself just recovered from fever. My 6yo son is still feverish. My 6yo kindy teacher told us to boil some vinegar and walk around the house with the steamy vinegar to kill the germs in the air. Will try that later.

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