Heated Bed

I know there is heated cat bed. Do they have heated bed for human?

Even though we sleep without air-cond, most of us at home still coughing away, having runny nose and feeling chill at night and during the wee hours.

It will be nice if we have heated bed with remote control or temperature detection. When the temperature drops below 26′C, the heater will be automatically switched on. :)

New Knobs

I need to buy 2 new knobs today. One of for my bedroom and another for the children’s room. Both are rusty and my children’s door knob can’t be locked anymore. I must find knobs that can be easily turn/open so that I don’t have to get out of my bed early in the morning to open the door when my 2yo knock on our door to snuggle with us. She an early riser. :(

Almost Done Tree House

almost done tree house

Here is a photo of our almost done tree house. It took hubby, BIL and his 2 sons 2 full days to rebuild the tree house. Due to distance and time, they are not able to complete it until the CNY holiday where their other brothers will be back for the festive occasion. Then, they will have more hands to get the job done. Some of the nieces and nephews can’t wait to sleep up there this coming CNY. I hope no t-slot will be loosen when a few of the “baby elephants” play up there. :)

Indoor Water Fountain for Home

The first time I see an indoor water fountain in a home is at one of my church friend’s house. They are rich of course. :P Living in 3 storey bungalow with a swimming pool. They also have jacuzzi in their master bedroom. If I remember correctly, next to their master bedroom is the room that has the indoor water fountain. They even have a pond with Japanese Carps at below the water fountain. And that room is their prayer room. The room is very cooling and cozy. I wonder whether they went to WaterFountainPros.com for water fountains.

Log Furniture for Our New Home

If ever we need to move out from the family house and if we can afford to buy a small piece of land to build our dream house, I want to furnish it with log furniture. You asked me why? Just check out the link. I fall in love with the log furniture featured in the website at first glance. It is so country like which I like. Must hang a deer head on the wall and play Kenny Roger’s song in the house. hehe.

Killing Germs with Clorox

Almost 2 weeks ago, I shared about killing germs in the air using vinegar. Today, I want to share about how to kill germs on the floor using Clorox. There are many floor cleaners that claims they can kill 99% bacteria/germs. No harm trying but killing bacteria and germs using Clorox is a cheaper. I am using the Giant/Tesco floor cleaner (one of the cheapest in the market). I add to it around half a capfull of Clorox into my pail of water. So far, so good. This tips was shared to me by my Singh BIL. :D

Repairing Leather Sofa

If I have my own home, I wouldn’t buy a leather or pvc sofa. Once it got torn, the leather upholstery repair is quite costly. They may look nice but in long run, it is not that practical unless you have lots of money to repair it or buy a new one. I’ll go for fabric sofa which can easily take off to wash. With many children, cloth sofa is more durable and and practical.

Dusty Ceiling Fan

As I look up on the ceiling this morning, I saw thick cluster of dust on the ceiling fan’s blade. I can only sigh because I can’t climb up the ladder to get it clean and I am not allowed to either. Unfortunately, the person that refrained me from cleaning it is so busy with work that he has no time to clean it. Maybe I should secretly clean it by myself soon.

Need More Bedsheets

With a newborn in the house, we need more bedsheets! Why? Because newborn often vomit, PU and poop. He often vomit because he drinks more than his body required. The bedsheet gets wet because at time, I just wear his cloth nappy. The bedsheet gets poop on it when he poops while I am changing him. Not only the bedsheet, I also need changing. Of all my 6 children, he pooped me the most! Thank God he is on 100% breastmilk, his poo-poo does not stinks like adult’s poo. Oops! To much poo-poo in this post. Sorry ya. hehe. I better head to bedding from DayBeds.com to check out their bedsheet.

Our Gazebo

Few months ago, hubby told us that he wanted to build a gazebo for us. This is what I imagine our gazebo will look like.


And this is the actual gazebo that is built for us.


It may not look nicer that what I imagined it would be but we have more things in our gazebo. We have the hammock and a pangkin for our children to play. We even have a gate to keep it close when we are not using it so that the dogs won’t destroy the hammock and dirty the pangkin.

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