Blessed New Year 2016

This year is gonna be an exciting year for me. 2 of my younger children is in kindergarten. I have one teenager this year who is also starting to prepare for IGCSE. I am going all out to promote my Nyonya Chang and praise God that I have a part-time helper now whom I am teaching how to wrap the Chang too. Homeschooling for my other children resumes too. My schedule is pack every day. From God I draw my strength and giving glory back unto Him for His blessings.

Nyonya Pineapple Tarts in KL

Nyonya Pineapple Tarts

Praise God this year I have quite a number of orders for my Nyonya Pineapple Tart from my KL friends so I am taking the extra mile by sending them with no additional charges; free shipping!

I make these Nyonya Pineapple Tarts from scratch…

hubby skinning d pineapples

hubby cooking d pineapples

me making the tarts

I improvised my mom’s traditional recipe. This year I am making these tarts using Anchor Pure Butter not Planta margarine. Butter is better and margarine, obviously. And of course, no preservative added. So, don’t keep too long till it turns moldy. The longest we tried to keep was 1 month from the day of baking.

pineapple tarts from melaka

more nyonya pineapple tarts

They come in the rectangle container of 15pcs at RM15/container. They will be delivered to my friend’s condo at Sri Hartamas or Kota Damansara. Collect from there if you place your order here.

To order, you can Whatsapp or SMS me at 012-2544606. :D TQ!

Feeding Bunnies

feeding bunnies

We have 4 bunnies at home now. A pair of semi-arched back, and a pair of lion head.

I do not have bunnies when I was growing up. I played with neighbour’s bunnies but nothing is more fun than having your own. My kids are blessed that they have pet bunnies as early at 2.5yo. That’s my youngest son feeding carrots to the bunnies.

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Tips of on giving instruction to men

When giving instruction to men, we must be very specific. I guess, their mind does not work on a basis of common sense. To me, they are like a robot that has been programme to do certain task. You cannot tell them to “mop the floor”. U will probably ended up with a mopped floor at the spot that he is sitting/standing. You must be specific like “Mop the living room floor or Mop the whole house floor.” This is just one example that I have personally experienced. Like if you want them to buy a pdp, you have to be specific which pdp you are talking about.

Unfortunately, I am quite forgetful. Last Saturday night, I told my hubby to iron the clothes for church because I have a backache and can’t stand too long to do the ironing. I woke up the next day with a pile of our children’s church clothing still on the table un-ironed. Only one shirt is ironed and that is hubby’s. Do I get upset with him? Almost but I remembered that I did not specifically tell him to iron ALL the clothes on the table. My bad.

So, ladies, remember, be specific, be very specific to avoid any heartache. :D

I Love School

There’s a thread in one of my FB groups that is talking about school. As many of us who loves school, there are many who hates it. I am one of them that love school. In my primary school, I was always the top student so I get lots of attention from the teachers and friends. During my primary school, I learned what is manipulation and favoritism. I know who are my real friend. Friend who get close to me just because I am smart and left me when I dropped to less than No.1 in class. Teacher who gave chance to her favorite student even though I raise up my hand first.

In secondary school, I was very active in extra-curricula activities and sports too. I was famous for being a tomboy and I have many secret admirers even though I am in an all girl school! There must have been many lesbian around! hahaha. I made lots of friends, seniors and juniors. We even made class ring.

I enjoyed my time the most when I was in university. Freedom and independent. I made full use of the facilities offered in the university. Made lots of friend and got very close to God too. Dated the tutor too! Went for midnight show and much more. If I am given the chance to go back in time, I want to go back to my varsity life.

How To Teach Toddler How to Say Giraffe

On teaching my 2y3m old son to say “Giraffe”.

Sefy, say “Gi”.
I don’t want to say “Gi”.
Sefy, say “raf”.
I don’t want to say “raf”.
Sefy, say “Giraffe”.
I don’t want to say “Giraffe”.
There, u said “Giraffe”.
No, I did not say “Giraffe”.

Durian & Mangosteen for Breakfast

durian and mangosteen

I am blessed. I can have durian and mangosteen for breakfast! They are from our own tree. We have a few durian trees and one mangosteen tree. Unfortunately this year, the durian trees does not bear much fruit but the mangosteen does. Which is fine with me coz I LOVE to eat mangosteen. My favourite. :D

Close Door, Open Door

I live in a kampung where we have coconut trees all around our house. We have more than enough coconut for our own consumption. Thanks to one of our neighbourhood sundry shops, we are able to sell the coconuts to them. Sometimes I take cash, sometimes we barter trade. :)

During my last deal with her, she told me not to send anymore because she has lots of coconut, about 300 of them. Ok then. I have another potential buyer in mind that is the sundry shop near my cc. Since they are using the side grinder, they even bought my small coconut in which my previous buyer do not want to. And now, they kept asking for my coconut but I have none to supply. MIL wants to make Nyonya Chang and she needs the coconut.

One more year to 40!

Honestly, I do not look forward for my birthday this year. Firstly, it fell on a working day. So I set my mind that there won’t be anything special on that day. I had so many birthdays before. What is there for a year without celebration.

Praise God that hubby managed to get his part-time staff to relief him on my birthday. So I got my much awaited foot reflexology. But it did not turn out as expected. I did not get to eat what I wanted to have on my birthday too.

My 9yo baked and decorated a birthday cake for me.

Next year, I will plan my 40th using my own money. Then I can get to buy and eat what I wanted.

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