Nature is their toys

nature's toys

When I was growing up, my parents did not buy me any toys. I only have 2 toys which was a gift from a rich uncle; a cooking set and a soldier set (remember the green soldier stuck onto a plate). I do not remember complaining that I have nothing to play. I was always occupied by my surroundings. I have cats and dogs to play with. I have chicken, ducks, gooses and turkey to chase and be chased. I have the trees to climb. I have the tweaks as my sword and many more that God has provided for me for free.

And the best part is playing like what my children were playing in the photo above. Coconut husk boats race!

3yo Climbs Ladder with Ease

climbing ladder

My 3yo girl is a fearless girl. Born in the year of the Tiger, she knows no fear. She started climbing up our treehouse at 18 months old. My legs become jelly when climbing the steep ladder to go up the treehouse but she does it with ease. I’ll be standing below her, reminding her to be careful at she steps that she takes. Praise God for His protection, she never miss a step. Climbing up that ladder with MIL is a breeze to her.

Look, no hands!

3yo climbs ladder

Durian & Mangosteen for Breakfast

durian and mangosteen

I am blessed. I can have durian and mangosteen for breakfast! They are from our own tree. We have a few durian trees and one mangosteen tree. Unfortunately this year, the durian trees does not bear much fruit but the mangosteen does. Which is fine with me coz I LOVE to eat mangosteen. My favourite. :D

Outdoor Bonding Time

outdoor bonding time

I took this photo while thinking about what to write for the Scouting Camera Reviews. This last baby of mine loves outdoor. The moment he started walking, he will walk out of the house the moment he sees the opportunity; open door. He can spend hours outdoor, playing with the stones, leaves, dirt, water, grass and whatever he can find on the ground. He never fall sick due to the dirt on his hands or body. Praise God for blessing him with stronger immune system.

Coconut Sunday

Every Sunday is a hot Sunday here and coconut is a MUST to cool our body. One of the advantages of living in a kampung is I get fresh young coconut FOC. I just need hubby’s help to pluck it down and I’ll do the rest.

young coconut

That’s me, cutting the young coconut.

coconut flesh

I love this part the most. To scrape out the flesh of the young coconut. And my 2.5yo will be waiting next to me to eat some of it before it goes into the jug. Of all my 6 children, she loves coconut juice and the flesh more than the rest.


And this is mine, with ice. :D

Tree House in Malaysia

The West used to think that Malaysian still lives on tree. We have not been living on trees for ages. My great great great grandfather came from China also never live on trees. Maybe they are referring to the Aborigines.

But we do have a tree house. And it is right at my backyard, on a Rambutan tree. :)

tree house

My children spends most of their time up there now. They play, learn, eat and sleep there. We even camp a night on the tree house a few days ago. Yup! All 8 of us, slept on the tree house; with two mosquito nets. :D

camp on tree house

Come visit us and experience the fun playing on a tree house. :)

Snake Hole

This happened a few weeks ago.

I was standing on a pile of broken cement and rocks near our farm looking for coconuts. Just when I was about to turn around to head to the house, I saw a black coloured snake (cobra, i think coz i didnt see the head) slithers the other direction a few inches from my foot! It gave me a fright and I ran for my life. Thank God it did not bite me when he passed by my feet.

After that day, I did not go to that spot for about a week.

A week later I went there again to collect the coconut that has fallen from the tree. I even say it out loud, “Snake, you don’t disturb me arh, I am passing by here to collect the coconut.” I was carrying my 5mo at that time and my 6yo came with an old stroller to help me wheel the coconuts.

I braved myself and look around the piles of broken cement and rock. I saw a hole, a snake hole! I have seen snake holes many time but it was always empty. I went nearer to get a better view of it. It looks different that the normal holes that I’ve seen before. There’s something shiny and silvery there. Then I see the snake’s eyes. Apa lagi, told my son to leave the stroller and ran for our life! Hubby wasn’t around that evening.

The next day, I showed hubby the snake hole. We came with bamboo sticks this time but the snake was not in the hole. So, hubby just demolish the snake hole.

I hope, I don’t have to meet his again.

Organic Water Spinach / Kangkung


We harvested the first veggie from our mini farm last Saturday. Yes! The Kangkung or the Orang Putih calls it Water Spinach. No, we did not cook Kangkung Belacan with it. All my children can’t enjoy the first fruit of their labor if I cook Kangkung Belacan coz it will be spicy for them. So, I just stir fried them with garlic and ate them with Nasi Lemak. We had Nasi Lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner last Saturday! :D

Drinking Coconut Water in a Wheelbarrow

coconut water

This 19mo girl of mine enjoys nature to the max. More than her brothers and sisters. In the above pic, she just came home after helping daddy and Uncle Ann plucked some coconuts. She helped carried a few coconuts into the wheelbarrow. As a reward, she got to drink one young coconut all by herself.

Mini Veggie Farm

When I started FB-ing, Farmville is the first game that I played. I love the planting and seeing the plants grow and of course making lots of money from it. :D Unfortunately, I do not have the privilege to play any more game on FB after I have 6 children. Since the love of seeing plant grows is still in me, I got my children to plant the real thing instead. Actually, it was hubby who got them started. My initial plan was to put planting as one of my homeschooling curriculum next year but hubby got excited after I told him the idea and brought the children to buy veggie seeds when he isn’t working at his shop and started the planting with the children without me. Now I helped watering them. ;)

Here’s a glimpse of our real life farmville / mini veggie farm.


Daddy’s Kangkung


Barnabas’ Okra


Belle’s Sawi

long beans

Clarissa’s Long Bean

The above photos were taken when they were a few days old. I think by next week, we can harvest the Kangkung. :D

As of today, I added 2 more veggie and a herb plant to the mini farm; Bird Eye Chili, Daun Keledek and Daun Kesum (used in cooking assam fish, assam laksa n tomyam).

I’ll post more picture when they are all grown up.

How wonderful if the grow by the hours just like in Farmville. :D


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