Aug 11
Mini Veggie Farm
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When I started FB-ing, Farmville is the first game that I played. I love the planting and seeing the plants grow and of course making lots of money from it. :D Unfortunately, I do not have the privilege to play any more game on FB after I have 6 children. Since the love of seeing plant grows is still in me, I got my children to plant the real thing instead. Actually, it was hubby who got them started. My initial plan was to put planting as one of my homeschooling curriculum next year but hubby got excited after I told him the idea and brought the children to buy veggie seeds when he isn’t working at his shop and started the planting with the children without me. Now I helped watering them. ;)

Here’s a glimpse of our real life farmville / mini veggie farm.


Daddy’s Kangkung


Barnabas’ Okra


Belle’s Sawi

long beans

Clarissa’s Long Bean

The above photos were taken when they were a few days old. I think by next week, we can harvest the Kangkung. :D

As of today, I added 2 more veggie and a herb plant to the mini farm; Bird Eye Chili, Daun Keledek and Daun Kesum (used in cooking assam fish, assam laksa n tomyam).

I’ll post more picture when they are all grown up.

How wonderful if the grow by the hours just like in Farmville. :D


Aug 2
Log Furniture for Our New Home
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If ever we need to move out from the family house and if we can afford to buy a small piece of land to build our dream house, I want to furnish it with log furniture. You asked me why? Just check out the link. I fall in love with the log furniture featured in the website at first glance. It is so country like which I like. Must hang a deer head on the wall and play Kenny Roger’s song in the house. hehe.

Dec 15
10 Cute Puppies
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12 puppies

7 months ago we were surprised with the birth of 12 puppies from one mother. From the 12 puppies, we only kept one of it.

10 puppies

9 days ago we were surprised with 10 puppies from the same mother. Wah! Very fruitful eh, the mother. :D This round the puppies’ “print” aren’t that nice compared to the first birth. We were expected some “Moo-Moo” print but all came out brown, dark brown and black. Looks like the father’s gene is stronger this round.

Dec 10
Papaya Grow Abnormally
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This is how a normal papaya grows from its tree.

normal papaya

And this is what we found growing 6 feet from the normal papaya tree.

abnormal papaya

I wonder the reason behind this abnormal growth.

Oct 19

Watch my 2.5yo catches fish (grass carp). He knows how to stop the fish from moving and he dares to hold an alive fish. Dia belum kena cucuk, dia belum tau lagi.

He has been following his daddy fish at the pond numerous time. After observing how his daddy handles the caught fish, he wanted to try it and he has been doing the above since then.

A few days after the video is taken, he finally got poke by the fish’s side fin. After that, he dare not hold the fish anymore but he still dares to step on the fish’s tail for daddy to remove the fish hook.

Knowing him, I am sure, he will hold the fish again soon. Once the pain is gone, he will surely take his chances. Fun mah. :D

Jun 18

3 days ago a baby civet cat (musang pandan) came into our house. All this while we only hear them running on our roof chasing after rats. I guess that day this baby civet cat got scared when the coconut plucker plucks the coconut and disturbed his home. After coming into our house, the civet cat couldn’t find the way out. The civet cat ended up in my bedroom. Hubby managed to catch it with a fishing net. Unfortunately, hubby’s finger got bitten by the civet cat when trying to grab hold of it.

civet cat

Hubby managed to transfer the civet cat from the fishing net to a big plastic bag then into a cage. One of my SILs told us that a restaurant might want to buy it. After a phone call, the restaurant chef didn’t want a baby civet cat. I posted about it on FB and a friend is interested in it; he wants to cook herbal soup with the civet cat!

musang pandan

The next morning, the civet cat was no longer in the cage. It escaped through another door which we did not notice. The door was close but not lock. Well, not his fate to end up in someone’s bowl of herbal soup. I did tell hubby to let it go but hubby worried that the civet cat will eat our puppies. I hope he won’t.

May 15

a dozen puppies

The birth of a dozen puppies that we missed. :( My eldest daughter was disappointed coz she did not get to witness the birth these puppies. She was looking forward to this day since she saw 2 dogs “climbed up” on her dog, Julee. When I woke up this morning at 7.30am, the maid excitedly told me that the dog has given birth to 12 puppies. All my children are excited to have so many cute lil puppies in their own home.

I feel so stress up hearing some of the puppies crying. 12 puppies but only 8 tits. And this Julee dun wanna open her legs wide apart. Macam mana the puppies wanna get to their source of food??? Aiyo! Felt like picking those crying puppies to nurse them myself. Can arh? :lol:

Hubby told the children that some of the puppies will die; be prepared. That’s a sad thing to know. Why must some of them die? I am sure we can help to keep all of them alive. Can we?

Mar 25

I mentioned that we have more than one suitor right? After getting what they wanted, they have been sticking around to the extend of sleeping over at our place; at our car porch and stealing our dog’s food.

To date, there are 4 of them! Shooing them does not work. So hubby made a few catapult slingshot to scare away these stray dogs.

Catapult Slings

Hubby made one each of our 3 older children. The first catapult slingshot were bought though.

Catapult Slings

The children had fun playing with their new toys yesterday. So does their daddy. ;)

Mar 24
About Making Babies
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We have a bitch at home. For the past few days we more than one “suitor” coming to try their luck in getting “into” her. They got no manners one; they did “it” in the presence of my children! I had a hard time answering my eldest with regards to that.

“Mommy, why did the bigger dog climb on top of Julee?”
“Why did the dog stick his konek into Julee’s bontot?”
“Mommy, it got stuck for a while but thank goodness it came out after a while.”

Time to explain to her about the bird and the bees. On that day, she learned new words like sex, mating, sperm, egg, ovum and making babies. She is very excited to know that her dog will be having babies soon.

Then came another question…“Which dog will be the babies’ daddy?” That took me by surprise, “Huh???” She then told me that there are 2 dogs that climb over Julee and got stuck for a while. Then she figured out by herself that the daddy must be the first dog because his sperm went to find the egg first. *smart girl* (but not necessary though) :P

After that came question like, Why is her tummy still flat? Is she pregnant yet? How long will she be pregnant? When will the babies come out? How does dog give birth? I told her to Google about it then print to read. At the same time, I went to Youtube to search on video about dog giving birth and let her watch. This is the video that she watched.

Mar 14
Baby Tortoise
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Hubby went to the trench again in an attempt to at least catch a fish. He even bought a fish net this time. Well, a leech bite his foot again! Confirm that he got lots of dirty blood. :lol:

This time, no fish but he caught a baby tortoise which has become our children’s pet.

baby tortoise

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