Blessed New Year 2016

This year is gonna be an exciting year for me. 2 of my younger children is in kindergarten. I have one teenager this year who is also starting to prepare for IGCSE. I am going all out to promote my Nyonya Chang and praise God that I have a part-time helper now whom I am teaching how to wrap the Chang too. Homeschooling for my other children resumes too. My schedule is pack every day. From God I draw my strength and giving glory back unto Him for His blessings.

Nature is their toys

nature's toys

When I was growing up, my parents did not buy me any toys. I only have 2 toys which was a gift from a rich uncle; a cooking set and a soldier set (remember the green soldier stuck onto a plate). I do not remember complaining that I have nothing to play. I was always occupied by my surroundings. I have cats and dogs to play with. I have chicken, ducks, gooses and turkey to chase and be chased. I have the trees to climb. I have the tweaks as my sword and many more that God has provided for me for free.

And the best part is playing like what my children were playing in the photo above. Coconut husk boats race!

School Holiday Plan

The school holiday is finally here. That means, I do not have to go to work. I can spend my time at home with my children. So far, I have signed them up for a camp, computer programming course and sushi making class which is away from home! haha. I also plan to make muffins, cupcakes, cookies and maybe make personalized christmas tree ornaments as Christmas gift. We are also invited to 2 birthday parties and 3 of our own too. Oh ya! Children Christmas Carolling too and sleepover. Looks like this is going to be a busy school holiday for us. :)

Beach Exploration

exploring at the beach

Sunday is the only day that hubby can spend time with his 6 children. Here they were, at the beach, exploring. Finding unusual stuff on the beach. They found a lugworm nest!

Feeding Bunnies

feeding bunnies

We have 4 bunnies at home now. A pair of semi-arched back, and a pair of lion head.

I do not have bunnies when I was growing up. I played with neighbour’s bunnies but nothing is more fun than having your own. My kids are blessed that they have pet bunnies as early at 2.5yo. That’s my youngest son feeding carrots to the bunnies.

Niece Learning Guitar

I just found out that one of my nieces is the learning how to play the guitar from her cousin brother. She is the same age as my eldest. I guess soon, she will be able to play the taylor gs mini e. I tried teaching my children how to play the guitar but they gave up after 10mins of trying to hold down the chords! “My fingers are painful, Mommy. I don’t want to learn anymore.” Oh well, have to wait till they are older then.

Fine Dining at Home

Someone I recently get to know from my Facebook group, bless us with a good sum of cash. She specifically told me to spend the money for myself and my children. “Buy something nice for yourself and children.” she said. The first thing that came to my mind was bringing them to Kensington to enjoy some steak which they have been asking for but we can’t afford to bring my family of 8 there.

Later, I got a better idea which cost lesser. I bought some beef from the market and made beef steak dinner for them. No hassle of making sure they behave well and did not spill or drop anything while dining in a fine dining restaurant.

beef steak dinner

They can eat as much as they like without dirtying Kensington’s table skirt hangers. I am sure they can always order more skirt hangers – but the best is still dining in the comfort of our home.

3yo Climbs Ladder with Ease

climbing ladder

My 3yo girl is a fearless girl. Born in the year of the Tiger, she knows no fear. She started climbing up our treehouse at 18 months old. My legs become jelly when climbing the steep ladder to go up the treehouse but she does it with ease. I’ll be standing below her, reminding her to be careful at she steps that she takes. Praise God for His protection, she never miss a step. Climbing up that ladder with MIL is a breeze to her.

Look, no hands!

3yo climbs ladder

How To Teach Toddler How to Say Giraffe

On teaching my 2y3m old son to say “Giraffe”.

Sefy, say “Gi”.
I don’t want to say “Gi”.
Sefy, say “raf”.
I don’t want to say “raf”.
Sefy, say “Giraffe”.
I don’t want to say “Giraffe”.
There, u said “Giraffe”.
No, I did not say “Giraffe”.

Outdoor Bonding Time

outdoor bonding time

I took this photo while thinking about what to write for the Scouting Camera Reviews. This last baby of mine loves outdoor. The moment he started walking, he will walk out of the house the moment he sees the opportunity; open door. He can spend hours outdoor, playing with the stones, leaves, dirt, water, grass and whatever he can find on the ground. He never fall sick due to the dirt on his hands or body. Praise God for blessing him with stronger immune system.

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