Outdoor Bonding Time

outdoor bonding time

I took this photo while thinking about what to write for the Scouting Camera Reviews. This last baby of mine loves outdoor. The moment he started walking, he will walk out of the house the moment he sees the opportunity; open door. He can spend hours outdoor, playing with the stones, leaves, dirt, water, grass and whatever he can find on the ground. He never fall sick due to the dirt on his hands or body. Praise God for blessing him with stronger immune system.

Puppies for Adoption


These are 2 out of 12 puppies that got adopted today. Unfortunately, out of 12 puppies, only 3 puppies are male. It is easy to get the male to be adopted but not the female no matter how cute they are.

Printing Digital Photos Made Easy & Cheaper By EOE


After 8 days of waiting, we finally got a glimpse of the photos printed by EOE. How come mine late one??? I read from other blogs that they received theirs in less than 5 days. Oh well, since this is free, I shall be thankful. ;)Thank You EOE!

The print quality is good but I surely can’t compare my photos to those taken using DSLR. My girls can’t get enough of looking, holding and grabbing the photo album from each other so I ended up splitting their photos in 2 albums.


I am planning to print more of their babies photos and snap more photos this CNY because their promotion of  4R = RM0.30 per piece is extended to 31 March 2009.



Posted on Jan 2, 2009:

Since my youngest sister’s wedding in November last year, my 2nd sister has been bugging me to print the photos I took of her and her 2 children during the wedding.

Aiyo! I NEVER print the photos I took with my digital camera. I took pictures to blog not to print. Furthermore, it is soooooo expensive to print; 50 cents a piece! Not only that, I have to drive all the way to town to get them printed. With 3 kids, being pregnant with No. 4 and blogs to update, I simply loath leaving the comfort of my home.

Thanks to EOE Online, I can now print those photos from the comfort of my home and it only cost RM0.30 each for 4R Print. Wait! There’s more; for orders above RM35.00, you will get free delivery. This is what I want lar. :D

I have sent my photos to be printed by them and can’t wait to see the outcome of it. Will surely blog about it. :D

Psst…if this post managed to get in their 100 reviews slot, I will get my first 50 prints for free and stand a chance to win Olympus E-520 kit with a 14-42mm lens worth RM2499.00! If not, I will upload more pictures so that I can get free delivery! ;)

Keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

7 Years Ago



7 years has gone by with many sweet memories. Hubby asked, what we have accomplished thus far. Well, we are still together, still loving each other and still very much in love. We have 3 kids; that is big accomplishment. We bought properties, we started our own business, I resigned and still driving our old junks. :lol:

I hope and pray that there will be many more 7 years to come and we will grow old together gracefully and without any health problem. Pray that we would never need any stair lift to go up the stairs. ;)


I just came back from my granduncle’s funeral. My sister went around taking pictures of everything, even the corpse in the coffin. My uncle told my sis to take it!

It would be so cool to be able to post the picture in this blog. I can’t do the same for my grandfather because I didn’t have a camera then. But after asking a few bloggers, it seems that the Chinese are quite superstitious about displaying dead man’s photo.

Are you?

The Making Of Pineapple Tarts

Actually I planned to make Nestum Cookies today but MIL told me that SIL insisted to make pineapple tarts today coz next Sunday it will be too late. We try not to make it so early because pineapple tarts develop molds easily when kept too long. But MIL has no choice because then oven belongs to her.

At first MIL wanted to do only 2kg but SIL told her to make more in case we need to give some to relatives. So, she made 3kg all together. Least that I know that this is the first time for both of them! The dough turns out dry, my mom’s pineapple tarts’ mould got stuck, their pineapple tarts mould is too huge, and another one needs to kepit.

Dry Dough! You kneed with your fingers not palm.

So I brought my mom to the rescue! She added more butter.

These are the unbaked tarts. At first we used the plain mould but I have to kepit the side. They do not know how. The maid tried; her looks like the tarts has been stung by a bee! My MIL tried, hers is “terkangkang”. She even laughed at her artwork! So I told them to leave the “kepiting” to me. But I get sleepy after a few tray so I quickly hopped over to my mom’s and borrowed her mould, the smaller ones with ready made design. It is also due to the filling. The filling is extra sweet. Small mould, less filling. So the taste is just right.


The people behind the making plus myself too. :P My MIL, maid, SIL’s niece and SIL.

The oven that we used. Looks like robot to me. The temperature that we used is 160′C. The big tarts we baked for 15mins. The smaller ones, 10 mins.

Baked Pineapple tarts. The unbaked ones look better ya. :)

We started around 11.30am and finished at 7.30pm. It’s an 8 hours job!

National Geographic Digital Camera

I came home yesterday to find a small box with lots of Chinese characters. Shake, shake, there is something inside it. Don’t tell me Huisia send me a gift. She is the only one in China that I know. Quickly tears the box open and I found this.


Not from Huisia but from National Geographic. I just remembered that I recently subscribed to it! And this is the free gift that I will get.

So this will be my girls’ new toy. Ermmm, let me rephrase that, my eldest saw it and claims that it is hers! :D

Do not know about the picture quality yet because the camera requires 3 AAA batteries and I have only 2. Lazy to go out to buy. :P

Speech Bubbles

They say that a picture is like a thousand words. Well sometimes, a picture is less than that if the mind is not working. A thousand words would only appear when the mind starts to think about the pictures. As for me, most of the pictures are about 100 words as I do not think much about most of them. Sometimes I do not even understand what the picture is trying to portray. I like to see pictures where the author put funny captions/speech bubbles on it. It is much easier to understand the picture or what the picture is trying to portray if the captions are there.

Sports Photo

Back in the years when I was very active in sports, digital camera is so expensive. Due to it I don’t have many photos of me in action especially when I play Softball. When I fell down flat on the mud, when I strike out the opponent and when I hit the home run. I can still remember, how silly I look when I was dressed in a goalkeeper suit when playing hockey.

Amidrin asked me which age I would want to go back too. I think I would choose the age when I was in university. Must go back there with a digital camera. Must capture all the precious moments in campus which is now only kept in my memory which I can’t share with my children. :(

To those who are looking Tennessee football photos, you are blessed to have a website that has a lot of picture from that university. You might even find a picture of yourself there.

On His 62nd Birthday


We had a simple dinner at home. I think this a rare occasion where he would let us sing “Happy Birthday” song to him and he blowing the candles. Normally, he will said, “Takmo kek lar, macam budak-budak aja.” (Don’t want cake, like small children only.)

Let me introduce the people in the picture. From left to right.

That’s my youngest sister carrying Shavina. Next to her is my favorite cousin Jacklyn carrying Barnabas and beside her is her brother, Hang-Hang. They are my dad’s favorite too. They are the ones calling my dad, “Papa”. The one standing in front of the cake is obviously my dad, and the 2 girls beside him is my girls. There are a few more not in the picture like Shavina’s mommy, my sister’s boyfriend, Jac’s parents, another younger brother and eldest sister.

Too bad, my mom missed this. Btw, my 2nd sister gave birth to a baby girl, yesterday morning. Same birthday as my dad. :)

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