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The above was posted on the STARJOBS: Saturday 22 October 2011.

You can see it as a unique job advertisement or a unique marriage proposal. And I wonder how many blur blur people out there will actually apply for the above job. You know lar, some people arh, couldn’t be bothered to really read through the job advertisement before applying. There are many Application Development Jobs out there but I am sure there are others apart from Elaine Yap LL who will response to the above advertisement.

Anniversary Gift for Hubby

On the February 12, we celebrated our 19th year Dating Anniversary. We did not give each other any anniversary gift though. Maybe next year on our 20th year together. :)

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our 10th year of marriage; legally. Earlier I asked hubby to plan something special for us and I will try to surprise him with unique anniversary gifts but he has to work this whole week because his part-time staff is not available to work at the CC this week. Furthermore, my baby is still small and I can’t leave her with my mom while we go out celebrating. I can’t plug out my boobs and leave them with my mom. :P

Anyway, we still have another anniversary to look forward too; our wedding anniversary on May 12. By then, my baby will be 4 months old. I am sure she can survive 3-4 hours without Mommy’s milk. ;)

Flowers for Me

I am not a flower person. Hubby can never forget how I scolded him for wasting his money to buy me an expensive bouquet of flowers on our marriage registration day. hahaha. Why do you need to bring flower on the ROM day? We need to sign papers you know. Not to pose here and there at the marriage registrar office. Later I found out that the registrar who was also our church member told hubby to buy flowers for me! At least, tell me lar right? :P

But I don’t mind receiving flowers once in a blue moon. I still remember how my hubby (my then boyfriend) surprised me with a bouquet of roses while I was working at a jewelry shop at MP. I still have 3 stalk of roses (dried up) which hubby gave me after his trip to Cameron Highland more than a decade ago. My blogger mommies made my day by sending flowers online on my birthday.

I hope I will get a bouquet of flowers this coming birthday. It has been a long, long time since I receive any (excluding those wild flowers that my children pick for me when they play outdoor. hehe).

Us after 9 years of Marriage


This is the latest US. ;)

I have slimmed down a lot and aged a lot too! Being thin makes you look older and have more wrinkles too.

As for hubby, he still look young and round. Not fair! Why man age super slow one? In the above picture he looked haggard coz he just left his shop without any shower yet.

The picture is taken at Kenny Roger’s Roaster when we had our 9th wedding anniversary dinner. How unromantic right? Well, actually I wanted to eat Bak Kut Teh at the Malim Food Court. Lagi unromantic!!! :lol: So, I just kept the thought to myself and let hubby choose the restaurant. :lol:

9th Wedding Annivesary

Today is my 9th wedding anniversary. Hmmm…why time fly so fast one? I felt that I just blog about my 8th wedding anniversary recently. Anyway, I was day dreaming about the 10th already. Really can’t imagine that I have been sharing my bed with a man for 9 years! Till now, from time to time, I still find it amazing that I could wake up seeing a man sleeping in my room. I was so tomboyish when I was younger that I never imagine that I would get married and have children!

Reality check – *pinch, pinch. slap, slap. Wake up Michelle!* Wow! I am a mother of 4. Not working pulak tu and have to depend on hubby to buy my wrinkle filler. This is so not me. :P

9 years can do a lot to one person. See how I have changed; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Got good and bad one know…not all good one. :P Won’t tell what it is lar, embarrassing!

Eh! Talk about myself only pulak. How’s my marriage after 9 years? Well, we are still deeply in love with each other. He still can’t get enough of me. *ahem* How to? Most of the time, Baby is latching to me. :P We do have argument from time to time but that is normal in marriage. We understand each other more and love each other more after we make up. ;)

Oh ya! I recently discovered that he does not like to eat fishballs! You see lar…after 9 years! But then, it is ok, there are still lots to discover about each other. Marriage won’t be boring.

Ok lar…shared way too much already. :P Time to wake up the children for school!

No Wedding Anniversary Again?

I just realised that this year we won’t be celebrating our wedding anniversary again. We missed our wedding anniversary when I gave birth to my firstborn and now again with my last born. On May 12, I will still be in confinement. It means no going out and no eating outside food. We could go celebrate the occasion after my confinement but it won’t be as meaningful as celebrating on the day itself. I hope hubby will pick a very nice jewelry from holsted to compensate this or maybe fly me to Penang to enjoy Penang food that I really missed.

Legally Married for 8 Years

We almost forgot about it!

For the past 7 years, hubby never forgets the day we registered our marriage because he cannot forget the incident that happened that morning. This future wife of his rejected the bouquet of roses he bought for her on the way to the registrar office.

You see, I was being very practical. All I knew was, on that day we are supposed to sign some papers and exchange rings to legalize our marriage. I never know that some would go there with bouquet of flowers.

Furthermore, we are on a very tight budget because the pastor of the church we attended advised us to have our wedding within 6 months from the day we got engaged; that was in December. The first thing when he handed me the bouquet, I asked how much was it? He said, “Forty.” I flipped! “RM40??? Why waste money? I don’t want it, you hold the flowers!” :lol:

Actually, I was upset that he did not discuss with me about it earlier. I think he wanted to surprise me but he got the bigger surprise which he can’t forget for the rest of his life! hahahaha

Back to “We almost forgot about it.” We only realised that today is our marriage anniversary at around 8pm when I was preparing dinner for my children because I feel like eating Satay Celup which they can’t because they can’t take spicy food.

Since it was raining heavily, eating Satay Celup has to be postponed. Hubby still wanted to go out to celebrate this special day. So I suggested we go watch a movie; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We had a quick bite; shared a plate of Fish and Chips at Marrybrown and rush for the 9.45pm show.

That is how we celebrated our 8th Year of being husband and wife legally. :D

What I had on Valentine’s Day

My part of the world, Valentine’s Day is almost over. But in the States, Valentine’s Day just begun. I am sure some of you who celebrated this day will be dining in some famous New York Restaurants. As for me, I had Mee Mamak all by myself today while taking care of hubby’s internet cafe so that he can bring our children to the playground in Giant. For dessert, I have a stick of Chocolate coated with peanuts ice-cream.

Nothing lovey-dovey for me today. I can sense that hubby is slightly upset with me because I did not do certain task that he asked me too. Not that I don’t want to do it but I forgotten about it and due to the hot weather, I stayed away from my room where the computers are. So, work not done. Thank God we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day if not these will surely spoil this special day.

Wedding Favors

Those days I don’t hear about wedding favors during wedding. Now, this western culture has slowly creeps into our wedding culture; which add more cost the already expensive wedding. Anyway, the marrying couple will still spend with the rational that it is only one in a lifetime; if you don’t divorce and re-marry lar. =P

If you don’t have high budget for your wedding, either scrap the wedding favor ideas or get those cheap wedding favor. If you were to surf the net. They do have lots of unique and cheap wedding favor. You just have to be more diligent in looking for good bargain. =)

Exhausted from our Wedding Anniversary Celebration

7 years ago after our wedding, hubby hibernated during our honeymoon. He sleeps most of the time. 7 years after, it was my turn. I was too exhausted to even update this blog! I slept, nap, slept and nap. Only today, I am myself again. Awake and alive. :lol:

Wondering what we did on our wedding anniversary?

We did some banking; investment for the future then buy milk for the children; another form of investment for the future and fetch the children home from my mom’s. Had light lunch then head to Dr Fish, in Melaka Raya.

We took their package of the Fish Spa and Massage. RM80+ for me (Mother’s Day promotion) and RM85+ for hubby. However we went for the massage only because I am having my menses. Don’t wanna change the colour of the water and kill the fishes. :lol: Be going again with my children after I’m “clear” because they told us that it is free for our children!

The aftermath of the massage; my whole body aches especially my neck and due to it, I was down for 2 days.

I enjoyed my dinner though. I finally found a restaurant that serve beef steak that is thicker than 1cm and it tasted good too! :D The restaurant is on the 1ts floor of Carrefour called Le Garden. They served buffet Steamboat and BBQ too but we did not try that. I was too hungry to wait till 6.30pm. We were there by 5pm.


 The Sirloin Steak above looks like a piece of fish eh? ;)

After dinner, we went to Tesco to shop for toilet roll! :lol:Then head home to shower and to bed.

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