Christmas Gift Exchange

Christmas is just around the corner. Since we do not celebrate Christmas as in having a Christmas tree at home or opening our house on Christmas day or even having a roast turkey for our Christmas dinner. We just go to church and praise God for sending His only son to this earth to rescue us from eternal death.

Anyway, on Christmas night this year, the church that I’m attending are going to have “makan” fellowship and gift exchange. My children are excited about it. We are done with that Christmas gifts shopping. Since Christian are not encouraged to smoke, we did not buy camacho triple maduro cigars for an uncle who does smoke. Must buy Hacks for him to help him stop smoking. ;)

VBS Rock!

My 3 older children attended 2 VBS this year. This is their first year attending VBS and they enjoyed it so much that 5 days were not enough for them. Thank God through a friend’s friend, I managed to sign them up for another VBS 2 days after the first one ended. They enjoyed the 2nd one much more that the moment they came home they can’t wait to present to us the dance that they learned. They are anticipating for the next VBS this coming June.

I am glad that I managed to persuade hubby to let them join VBS. They are no longer shy to worship, praise and dance in a crowd. They learned their ABC – Admit, Believe and Confess. And they made new friends. :D

Even though it was a tiring week for me, chauffeuring them, working at hubby’s cc and chauffeuring a staff to the cc so that I don’t have to work there, it was worth the trouble seeing my kids changed for the better.

Hope of Jubilee Celebration in Melaka

I was privilege to be able to join the Hope of Jubilee Celebration that was held at Dataran Pahlawan last Sunday, Sept 16 2012. On that day, we celebrated Malaysia Day; the 50th. I was there with hubby and my youngest baby who slept in my ring sling.

Thank God for the great weather. We had a good time of praise and worship, and prayer too; pray for Malaysia. There was cultural dance performance too. At 7pm sharp some of them blew the shofar (spiral ram’s horn) as announcement of the Jubilee year.

We left while a group of ladies were doing some exercise presentation though coz I got 5 more kids waiting for us at home. :)

Kids Sleeping in Church

sleeping in church

This is the first time all 3 of my babies sleep at the same time in church.

Every Sunday we try our best to be in church by 9.30am for the 10am service because sometimes hubby preach, songlead, backup or videoman. On other days, those 3 younger children of mine usually wake up after 9.30am. On Sunday, we have to wake them up earlier. That is the reason they will knock out by 11-12noon in church.

My 3yo was so sleepy that he slept the other way round!

Bringing Up Godly Children

When you are busy, time fly in super speed!

This blog has really been abandoned. :(

To those that keep coming here for updates, so sorry ya. I am back to being a Supermom you know and my task has been added from just being a mom to being a tutor too.

I am now adjusting to doing house work and making time to teach all my children. When the baby is sleeping, I’ll be busy cutting out manila card for teaching materials.

Next, I need to plan and prepare for family devotion. This is very crucial coz my children are growing up fast and I can’t delay any further teaching them the ways of Christ and bringing them up to be godly children. I was telling hubby that I have bigger and more important task than him. And I am so scared that I might fail! Pray with me that God will give me the knowledge and wisdom to raise my children according to His way.

Education Investment

I wish I have the means to really save for all my children’s education. If I have, I will surely invest in gold and silver. As for now, I can only afford the cheapest education insurance for all of them; just in case I go to be with the Lord before they enter college or university.

Some parent who has the means will invest in all kind of investment; from gold to silver to collecting rare coins. If you are interested to, you can check out Monaco Rare Coin. Monaco Rare Coin is part if Monex and they actively involved in all aspects of the rare coin trade the wholesale market, the collector market, the international market and auctions.

As for me, I pray that God will bless them with good brains and they will grow up to honor God and hold on to God’s promises. What Mommy and Daddy cannot provide, God can; as long as they live according to God’s way and live to please Him not man.

Hubby and I came from a poor family but we managed to get a degree because of God’s blessing. Honor Him and He will honor you. :)

Happy Boxing Day

No boxes to throw, just a few gift wrapping paper to throw or maybe I recycle them since hubby opened them so nicely. :)

The best joke this Christmas for me is; hubby received a promotional gift as his Christmas present, sort of! It is a joke because I just wrote about not giving any promotional gift as Christmas prezzie coz it makes the giver looks so cheapskate! And you know what! Hubby received one yesterday! :lol: It’s a Hellboys II sling bag.

Oh well, at least he has a Christmas present this year; I have none. :P

Wishing Everyone A Blessed Christmas

Yay! It is Christmas Day!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

Eat first, suffer later! :lol:

Christmas Gift

Christmas is just around the corner. Are all your Christmas gifts ready? I did not prepare any gift this year. Not even for my hubby and children since we don’t celebrate Christmas like everyone else. Our Christmas is very quite; just attend church service and if got friend invite for Christmas Open House, then I will just hop over to the nearest supermarket to buy them a box of chocolate. Even though I have a few unused promotional products, I would never give them as Christmas gift like some of my previous church members did! Looks so cheapskate! :lol:

Do You Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is one week away. So, have you done with your Christmas shopping? As for me, even though we are Christian we don’t celebrate Christmas like others do. No Christmas tree; that’s Western tradition, nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. No tree equals to no Christmas present! That saves me a lot of money.

But we do buy Christmas gift for my children and exchange gift with close family members, since this is the season of giving. Now I need to crack my head on which designer costume jewelry to buy for my sister in laws. I hope they have the same preference in design as me!

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