No PD due to Rainy Weather

I booked an apartment with Bayu Beach Resort for a night stay in Port Dickson. But due to the rain, we cancelled our reservation because it is no point going there when we can’t spend our time at the beach and the swimming pool when it rains.

Since leave has already been arranged we diverted to spending our holiday in Melaka. We brought all our 6 children to watch movie at GSC, Aeon Bandaraya. Bringing children to a movie, it has to be animation, so we watched Frozen. No regrets. :)

Then we had lunch at Jusco Food court then to Kids Playground; RM10 per child, unlimited time. My 2 older daughters went for 6D Motion Ride, tried the massage chair and went Christmas shopping with me.

We went home to rest for my babies to take their nap then we went to Air Panas Gadek for a swim in the hot water spring. We left around 9pm for dinner at McD then to Klebang Beach for supper!

No regrets for not being able to spend our holiday in PD.

Citroen Evasion 2002

A church friend wanted to sell her Citroen Evasion 7 seater MPV but do not have any idea on its market price now. So, she asked us to go check it out. We Google it and found that the price Citroen Evasion 2012 is round RM17-18k. I also found a big tex trailer website. Now I know what is a big tex trailer. Anyway, we do not that the means to buy the Citroen Evasion 2002 yet. I told hubby, if I have RM18k in my hand now, I would use it to upgrade the system and computers in my cyber cafe. ;)

SmartFares Lets You See More of Baltimore

Maryland’s largest city is vibrant port city with lots to see and do. Founded in 1729, Baltimore had a significant role in the American Revolution and has over 280 properties that are designated as historical in the National Register of Historic Places. A city of tight-knit diverse neighborhoods, Baltimore is nicknamed “Charm City.”

Using the SmartFares website to find the cheapest airline prices to Baltimore, it’s only a matter of deciding where to start. The money you save with the SmartFares lowest price guarantee gives you more to spend on Baltimore’s main attractions, as well as a few of the more offbeat sites.

Culture, Education and Art

Baltimore has a rich cultural heritage dating back over 300 years. Famous figures from the past and present, such as Edgar Allan Poe, Eubie Blake, Babe Ruth, John Waters and Michael Phelps, have called Baltimore home.

Baltimore’s museums are among the finest in the world. Baseball lovers who long for the past can find it at the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum. Learn all about “The Babe” through photos, videos and rare artifacts.

Train enthusiasts find a comprehensive collection of 18th and 19th century railway artifacts at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. The 40-acre museum includes the first mile of commercial railway track built in the United States. Train enthusiasts should also check out the Baltimore Civil War Museum at President Street to see one of America’s oldest still-standing railroad stations.

History buffs explore Baltimore’s industrial past at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. A 1906 steam tugboat and re-created workshops from the past are fun for both kids and adults.

One of the best art museums in the United States, the Walters Art Museum exhibits 55 centuries of art, everything from Egyptian mummies to 19th-century masterpieces.

Outdoor adventurers find much to do in Baltimore. Sport fishing opportunities are abundant through either guided charters or chartered rentals. Golfers find a variety of 18-hole courses throughout Baltimore, including Lutherville, Clifton Park and Forest Park. The Spirit of Baltimore offers year-round sailing opportunities along with meals and special events.

Looking for Something a Little Different?

Baltimore has no shortage of mainstream attractions, but it has some unusual places to see as well. If you are looking for something that’s a little different from the typical, you can find it here.

The American Visionary Art Museum exhibits work from self-taught artists that often borders on the bizarre. One such exhibit is the replica of the Lusitania, constructed with 194,000 toothpicks. The Federal Hill Ghost Tour takes visitors back to a ghostly past of murder, mystery and intrigue. American pop culture is on display at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. Discover how pop culture influenced society throughout the years. Learn all about the art of glassblowing at McFadden Art Glass. Take classes and view extraordinary glass blown pieces. Pageantry, horsemanship, jousting and a four-course meal await you at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament showcase. If you’re bringing the kids, take them to the Port Discovery Children’s Museum. Three floors of interactive and educational exhibits, programs and activities are just right for kids 10 years old and younger.

Baltimore is a city with a long past and an eye on the future. Whether you love the mainstream or the just plain weird, you can find it in Baltimore.

Tree House in Malaysia

The West used to think that Malaysian still lives on tree. We have not been living on trees for ages. My great great great grandfather came from China also never live on trees. Maybe they are referring to the Aborigines.

But we do have a tree house. And it is right at my backyard, on a Rambutan tree. :)

tree house

My children spends most of their time up there now. They play, learn, eat and sleep there. We even camp a night on the tree house a few days ago. Yup! All 8 of us, slept on the tree house; with two mosquito nets. :D

camp on tree house

Come visit us and experience the fun playing on a tree house. :)

Shopping at AEON

I was out shopping at AEON with my eldest (9.5yo) and youngest (8.5mo). My intention was to renew the AEON member card but since we are already there, we decided to shop for hubby’s birthday this Sunday. :) I managed to buy something that he needed but I got the wrong one and more expensive one. After paying for it then only I found one that he would want and it was cheaper too. That is the disadvantage is you have limited time to shop. I grabbed the first thing that I see. :( I was so tempted to buy the other one and keep the wrong for dunno who but that will be a waste of money right? I just hope he will like the one I chose lar. My eldest said that it is nicer than the cheaper ones.

Anyway, on the way back to the car, my eldest stopped at the $5 shop to find something for her daddy. She found one and I helped her pay for it. She also spotted some holiday wreaths and with her puppy face, she asked me whether she can have 2 of it to decorate her room. Since it is only $5 for 2, I bought it for her. There goes another $10.

Good Quality Motorcycle Jacket

This morning when I was taking the laundry to wash, I found a torn motorcycle jacket. It must be hubby who placed it in there coz he wants me to wash it before he wears it when riding motorcycle. I wonder where he got it from. Torn (at the elbow part) already still want to wear. That is how spendthrift my hubby is. If I have money, I might want to shop for motorcycle jacket for him. Birthday present. :)

I Love Hiking

I love hiking and I miss hiking. The last time I had the change to hike up a hill was when I was in USM. Almost every evening, I will hike up Bukit Jambul. I wanted to hike up Penang Hill but I have no hiking partner then. It is dangerous to hike up there all alone.

I hope in another 2 years time, when my youngest is more independent and can be left at home with his siblings, I want to resume hiking. I am going to drag hubby along this time. As an incentive, I’ll buy for him the Garmont Zenith hiking boots.

I came to know of a SAHM of 6 too who love hiking and camping recently. She did not wait till her youngest to grow older to hike. Children were never a hindrance to her passion to hike and camp. She packed her youngest into her backpack and hike with the rest. I don’t think I can do the same. No stamina lar. ;)

Free Slurpee

I just found out that today, 11th of July which is also read as 7/11 is a special day for 7Eleven. I read in FB that their outlets are giving free Slurpee on this special date. I was at 7Eleven getting some holiday cards but I didn’t see any sign about the free Slurpee. Maybe it only applies to 7Eleven based in US only because the link that I saw through FB was a US website.

Bike Rack for SUVs

Hubby and I are outdoor people. We love the nature and we love hiking and cycling. I remember during our dating days, we use to go for an adventure cycling. We just cycle along the paths that we have never been before and discovered “oh! this path actually leads here/there.”

After the kids come along, I do not have the privilege to go for cycling adventure anymore. Now it is my children’s turn to go on cycling adventure with hubby. Whenever we go for a holiday, how I wish we have the bike rack for suvs so that we can bring our bicycle along then we can explore more interesting paths.

T-Shirts from Down Under

MIL is back. Yay! After more than 2 months away from us, it is good to have her back especially with my health condition right now. For the past 2 months, she has been to KL, Sydney and Queenstown. She went to stay with her other children in KL and Sydney except Queenstown; she went there with her youngest son for a short holiday.

She brought back some souvenirs for all her children, in laws and grandchildren too. Isn’t she generous and thoughtful. :) We got some chocolates and “Australian” t-shirts too. She should get custom design t-shirts that prints “My Mother/MIL/Grandmother Went To Australia and Got Me This T-shirt”. That will be cool, right? :D

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