Sukma XIII, 2010 in Melaka

This year the 13th Sukma game is held in my hometown, Melaka. It has commenced yesterday and it will be on until the 19th of June, 2010. One of my cousins is participating in Archery, I am so proud of him. His dad is an Archerer too. I was telling hubby the other day that we, the Soo family has very strong arms. My dad represented the state for Gasing Pangkah, my sister was the Melaka state squash player, I am very good at Softball but did not manage to reach the state level coz I chickened out at the state selection tryouts. The national badminton player, Soo Beng Kiang is related to us too.

Anyway back to the Sukma game. I wish I am young again and I am sure I would be one of the volunteers. Become the crowd control officer also can; making sure no one go over the stanchions, velvet rope or the barricades when the game is on. It will be fun watching the game live.

Unfortunately this year the Sukma XIII game will be overshadowed by The World Cup 2010.

Paintball Guns

We live in a house with a huge compound. That gives me backache each time I sweep the fallen leaves on the ground. :lol: Big enough to play paintballs because we have so many trees around to hide behind them! ;) Unfortunately, we still cannot afford to buy Proto SLG Paintball Guns. Maybe one day hubby will buy them; you see, each time hubby passes by the paintballs equipment at Giant, he will surely stop and admire them. I read that has Paintball Gear with low prices and free shipping on paintball guns, paintball goggles, hoppers and paintball starter packages. I wonder whether they provide free shipping to Malaysia too.

Sunday Soccer

The weekend is here again meaning hubby will have 2 hours of soccer game on Sunday. When we were attending our previous church, I will be eager to know whether he wins the game each time he comes home. Now I couldn’t be bothered asking whether his team wins because they lost almost every week. They do not have good players like the previous church. Every Sunday I just hope he comes home without any injury. You see, this time they play not only with the church members but also with the Malays and foreigner; they are quite rough players.

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Holiday to Recover from Sickness

Malaysian is having a long holiday this week to celebrate Hari Raya. Some started on Monday itself. As for the non-Muslim, we take this opportunity to go for holiday. My in-laws planned for a family getaway at Sunway Lagoon. That was yesterday but we passed because hubby got a business to run and he has not found any suitable candidate to work for him. Anyway, Sunway Lagoon is too expensive for us. I heard that the entrance ticket is RM60 for adult and RM48 for children. I’d rather go to Genting Highland. :lol:

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Miami Heat Tickets

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Handsome Quarterbacks

“Look at him, so hunky” “Wah…look at those guys, so muscular.” In many movies where there are football players, the quarterback would be muscular, tall, and handsome. Everywhere he goes; the girls (especially in high schools or colleges) would giggle among themselves and would be oowing and aawing at the sight of the quarterback. It is as though the quarterback guy has the magic of bringing out the female estrogen whenever he passes near them.

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Jogging Plan Failed

A month ago, we decided to wake up early for a jog at the beach. We did but only once. After that, we are too lazy and no will power to get up early because most of the time we will be sleeping late; me with my online work and him with his online game. See the difference? One work, the other play. =P

Now I am consider getting on those retractable treadmills. I can run anytime in the day when the children are sleeping or napping, provided I don’t nap with them lar! :lol:


I noticed that there are a few places in my hometown has the paintball field or whatever you call the place. But I never seen another any paintball game taking place. Either I was there at the wrong time or it is not that popular here yet. I would love to try out the game but my problem is, where to find the team. Any mommy bloggers want to start a team with me? :lol:

Hubby did mention that he would consider venturing into this business if the demand is there. We easily get the paintball tanks, paintball guns, goggles, hats, hoodies and other items from Hmmm….now why to find capital for it. I have a huge place for Paintball but no money! hahahaha. Anybody wants to joint venture?

Buy Sports Tickets Online

Fans of Miami Heat, now you do not have to queue and be disappointed if you couldn’t get hold of the Miami Heat tickets. Premium Seats USA has solved all this nuisance by providing a huge selection of first-class tickets to all concerts, sports and theater events nationwide.

Btw, if you are buying your ticket, can treat me arh? Buy one for me lar. I never attend any real life concert or watch real sports tournament. I am usually the player and never a spectator. It would be nice watching them right from the field rather from the square box eh?

Play Football with Indonesian Girls

I was “forced” to sit under the hot scorching sun on Sunday to watch hubby play football with a group of Indonesian girls!!!

I is smart. I brought along an umbrella and all the girls squeeze under it! :lol:


Can spot my hubby and the ball? :lol:

I is jealous so I did not snap any picture of the girls playing ball with my hubby and of course with the rest of the guys. (does this sentence sounded wrong? hahahaha)

Anyway, as expected, there was so much giggling and high pitch screaming and the guys dare not go near them! The girls scored 1 goal!

Did I join them? NO WAY! This sport is too rough for me and too much running for a lazy bum like me. hehehe Furthermore, I don’t like to play a game that there is chances that I would not have the chance to play. If no one kicks the ball to me and I don’t like the idea of snatching other’s belonging, no game for me then.

My game is Softball; my utmost favorite. As I watch them play, I was wishing and hoping that I can afford to buy or someone can sponsor the whole set of Softball equipment. I will then teach and train the girls to play. It would be sooooo much fun that chasing one stupid ball. :P

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