Jan 14

Hello, I’m Belle.

I’ll go about telling you a little bit about myself, what I do and so on, but first I’ll tell you what led me to revive this once-popular blog of my Mom’s.

Kids need pocket money, to be independent of their parents’ cash and to have that responsibility of decision making. I used to receive RM1 from Mom when I was in primary school. After I left and began homeschooling, there was no more pocket money being handed out because we didn’t have to buy food from the canteen. We got food for free.

Now, I’m a saver. I think about the future. I have to go to university somehow or another. If I don’t earn a scholarship, I’ll need money to enter the University of my choice. From what I’ve heard, universities cost a huge amount of cash. Imagine my parents dishing out several hundreds of dollars multiplied by 6 if all 6 of their children applied for university. If I could somehow earn enough money to pay for food and accommodation, that’d minus probably half the total amount.

So for 1 year and a few months, I taught art to a group of little kindergartners. I don’t know how much I made because Mom was the self-proclaimed treasurer and accountant. We stopped after that period of time due to Mom’s growing Nyonya Chang business.

I began mincing 7kg of pork for RM15 for my income. It was tiring and hard work, but it was decent enough. I stopped when Mom and Dad were blessed with more workers. I could focus on my homeschooling instead of dead pigs.

Most money I made went into savings. I had no pocket money unless Mom pays me my salary for mincing pork. Now that I had no existing salary whatsoever, I had to go get one.

“Save your own money. No money, don’t get.”

I remembered that Mom used to earn bits of money from blogging. I could do that. I love to write. I have access to a computer. I can write nearly about anything and I need to earn money. So why not?

Mom agreed to let me take over her blog and now I am. I’m not expecting much to happen, like millions of people coming in gushing to me saying, “Oh Belle, I absolutely ADORE your posts, they’re SO beautifully-written with brilliant content, here are 500 dollars as a token of thanks for your brilliant writings!” but of course, it’ll be nice if it does happen.

I’m also writing for the sake of my own experience. It’ll be pretty interesting taking over Mummy’s blog. What was once used to be filled with Mom-posts and Food-posts and Pregnancy-posts and all that mother-wife-SAHM topics will now contain posts that have typical teenager content.

Just kidding.

I’ll be writing about my point of view on daily life (after all, this IS Sketches of Life), Sea Scouting (because I love it), friends (because I love them), family (because I have to love them) and so on.

Not so much of a “typical” teenager point of view. I don’t like that word, “typical”. I prefer “unique”. Just because we happen to be in our teens and act like other teens once in a while (or continuously for several years) doesn’t mean we’re the same as every other teenager. Not that I’m like that, but you get my point.

I’ll end this post with a brief intro about myself.

I’m Belle.

I’m a Christian Homeschooler Sea Scout, daughter of David Bong and Michelle Soo (founder of Sketches of Life), eldest of 5 younger siblings, love to read, write, draw, colour and so on. A girl blessed with a kampung home that is home to the famous Nyonya Chang business of her parents. A girl blessed with many opportunities to learn. A girl that was born into this world with a purpose.

I think that’s dramatic enough.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please do share this with other people! Look out for more. :)

See ya!

Jan 20
Drum Set
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When I see someone posted drum sets for sale, I am so tempted to purchase it for my kids. Later, when I found out the fee for drum lesson, I changed my mind. At least for now. It is so expensive, like RM50 for 30mins lesson. I should have pick up drum from one of my church members for free when I was still in school. I could earn big buck now. To those who are interested to purchase a drum set, click here.

Dec 26
Christmas Family Presentation
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This Christmas we surprised the church members with a family dance presentation. Some of them have seen me and my 2 older daughters danced on stage but not the whole family especially my husband.

more than a good man

We dance to the song More Than A Good Man which my 4 older children learned from their recent VBS. We spent less than 5 days practicing but praise God we managed to dance as a family without much mistakes and we had fun. If my youngest 2.5yo was not taking his nap at that time, he will be on stage dancing with all of us.

The response was overwhelming with the pastor encouraging other families to follow suit in the coming Christmas celebration. :)

Sep 30
Tips of on giving instruction to men
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When giving instruction to men, we must be very specific. I guess, their mind does not work on a basis of common sense. To me, they are like a robot that has been programme to do certain task. You cannot tell them to “mop the floor”. U will probably ended up with a mopped floor at the spot that he is sitting/standing. You must be specific like “Mop the living room floor or Mop the whole house floor.” This is just one example that I have personally experienced. Like if you want them to buy a pdp, you have to be specific which pdp you are talking about.

Unfortunately, I am quite forgetful. Last Saturday night, I told my hubby to iron the clothes for church because I have a backache and can’t stand too long to do the ironing. I woke up the next day with a pile of our children’s church clothing still on the table un-ironed. Only one shirt is ironed and that is hubby’s. Do I get upset with him? Almost but I remembered that I did not specifically tell him to iron ALL the clothes on the table. My bad.

So, ladies, remember, be specific, be very specific to avoid any heartache. :D

Oct 29
Baby Whisperer
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Baby whisperer is my 2nd daughter, Clarissa. She is truly a blessing to me. She maybe the attention seeker when she was younger, almost every day made me climb the wall but she grew up beautifully. She is cheerful, caring and helpful too. She loves to sing and she can even put her 3 younger siblings to sleep by singing to them. Ahhh…one challenge taken up from me. PTL!

Aug 2
TV in Our Cyber Cafe
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I am considering whether I should put a TV at my cyber cafe. Since I need to bring all 6 to work with me, I need some entertainment for them besides the computer for that many hours of working there. I have a few educational DVDs for them. Not only I need to look for mounting brackets at standandmounts but I need to buy a DVD player too!

Let’s see how the income will be for this month. :D

Aug 1
Guitar Tuner
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One of my nieces who is studying in UM visited us with a boyfriend. Yay! She has a boyfriend. And he is a Malaysian Chinese. Well, my niece is a Punjabi. ;) He is good with the children and my children loves him. Thank God that he plays the guitar too. He has the jay turser guitar. So, my 2nd daughter took this opportunity to get him to tune our guitar and teach her a few notes.

Jun 20
New Speaker for Mother’s Room
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I have been stuck in the Mother’s Room in church since I gave birth to my first child. More than 10 years already! I’ll still be there till my youngest is old enough to join the Sunday School; that will be for another 3 years.

The church that I am attending now really need a new speaker for the Mother’s Room. How I wish I have money to buy one for it. It has this buzzing and echoing sound; very irritating. I rather it to be switch off than on.

When God bless us…we will buy one for the Mother’s Room.

Apr 26

Last week, I bought a made in Taiwan tablet for RM235 only. It was a bit hit amongst my children. 5 of them taking turns to play it. On the 1st day, the screen got so many scratches. Thank God there’s a layer of protection on the screen; it can be replaced for about RM10.

On the 3rd day, while I was bathing, I heard my 2yo telling me that battery finished. I told her to get her sister to charge it but she did not budge from the bathroom door. The moment I opened the bathroom door, she dropped my tablet and the screen cracked. I tab on it to check whether it can still work, another crack line appeared then another.

I was furious. RM235 is a lot of money to me, it took me quite some time to finally decided to get a tablet for myself. I actually wanted to buy a bigger Android phone which will cost me around RM800 but after thinking that I only want it to surf the net (FB, Youtube, Candy Crush!) so I opt for a cheaper option, that is buying the tablet.

A friend told me that it is better to buy new ones coz the screen is very expensive. If I have to get a new tablet, that’s it for owning a tablet. Can’t afford to buy another tablet.

I gave a call to the shop that I bought the tablet from and she told me that the screen can be replaced and it will cost around RM80. What a relief! My eldest daughter beg me to use her CNY angpow money coz she felt it is her fault for not keeping close watch on her baby sister while she plays. I did remind her to keep an eye on her while she plays coz she often drop my phone.

Yesterday, I went to collect my tablet n it is brand new again. And I’m hiding it from my 2yo. Can’t afford to waste another RM80. :P

Mar 4
Violin or Ukulele
icon1 miche | icon2 Entertainment, Parenting | icon4 03 4th, 2013| icon3Comments Off

Two of my eldest girl are learning the piano. Which musical instrument should I let my 7yo son learn. So far, he has not shown any interest in any, unlike my 4yo son who loves the drum. My 7yo son has a very high pitch voice. I’m thinking, maybe I should let him try out the violin. Then he will realize how his high pitch voice hurts our ear drums at times. But then, violin lesson is expensive too. :( Ok lar, let start him with something smaller and less expensive. Let him learn playing the ukulele. :)

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