Why lar

Why lar I still meet people who rejoice when others are mourning and mourn when others are rejoicing?

Why lar some people cannot rejoice with the one who is rejoicing?

Why lar everything done must have a hidden agenda? No hidden agenda kenot meh?

Why lar I am still up at this hour (2.25am!) lamenting away?

Why lar must the cinema show the preview of a horror movie before a PG13 movie starts?

Now, my hubby has to sleep with my 5yo coz he woke up crying saying he is scared of ghost. WHY LAR?!

Fluffy and Furry Pet Bunnies

fluffy and furry bunnies

We have new addition to our family. Meet Atomic and Asterix. They are my eldest girl’s pet bunnies. She bought it from a pet shop for RM90 a pair. They are so cute, fluffy and furry. They look like a puppy from far.

Catching Fish, Kampung Style

This is one of the 3 ponds that we have in our backyard. Due to the dry season, the pond almost dries out and hubby no longer need to use the fishing rod to catch the fishes in there.


He brought his 8yo son into the pond to just scoop the fishes out.

boys in pond

Here was the catch of the day. We gave 3/4 of them to neighbours and friends. :)

fish from pond

Ancient History for 10 years old

My 10yo daughter is a bookworm. She reads all kind of books. Recently she told me she wants to know more about the Ancient History. She wants to read about the Trojan War in detail! Buying more books for her, bring her to the library (no time for that) or ebooks. I chose ebooks! I just downloaded “An Ancient History for Beginners” by George Willis Botsford. Let’s see whether this book can satisfy her curiosity about ancient history.

The Most Expensive Dog in World

I just came to know that the world’s most expensive dog is the red Tibetan Mastiff. It was bought for 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) last year! It is one of the world’s oldest breeds, Tibetan mastiffs were traditionally used for guard duties and it is now known as the “oriental holy dog” in China. Genghis Khan is believed to have kept them.

One of Malaysian tycoons bought 11 of them! On top of that, he has 6 Siberian Samoyeds and several Shih Tzus. For that, he hired 2 maids to help him take care of the dogs. His dogs live in air-cond room and even bought the dog exercise equipment for them. He spends RM10k-20k per month to take care of them. What a privilege dogs. More privilege than us human.

New Meaning of Fed Up

Last Saturday, my eldest and I had McD for lunch. I got the Double Cheeseburger Value Meal and my daughter got her usual Chicken McNuggets. We had our McD lunch at hubby’s CC. On the way to the car after we had our McD lunch, my daughter exclaimed “Mommy, I am so fed up.”

I was surprised to her that. Can a kid get fed up eating McD nuggets, french fries and Coke? So I clarified with her, asking what does she meant by “fed up”.

She told me that it is not the “bad” meaning of fed up. She told me that her “fed up” is she felt so “fed” (past tense of feed) to the fullest (up). Get it? :D

Reverse sensor for Trucks

I know some trucks are equipped with gps tracking for trucks but do they have reverse sensor? I think they must. I just read on the news this morning that a 5 tonne truck ran over his friend who were fast asleep behind his truck. It seems that the friend was drunk and fell asleep right behind his truck. With a reverse sensor, I think he would still be alive now. So unfortunate and sad too.

No Cats Allowed

My children has been asking me for a pet cat. Not that I never like cat before. I grew up with 8 cats at one time. A few incidents after I grew older makes me dislike them. As I grew older, I just don’t like the feeling when the cat brushes my legs; it felt so ticklish. When I was in campus, a cat jump on my lap while I was eating my lunch. After I got married, a kitten pooed on the mattress; twice! I hate the stinking cat poo smell.

They stopped asking for a pet cat now because their grandfather rears one now to help him get rid of the rats in their house. So, when my children ask for a pet cat, I told them that they can go to their grandparent’s house to play with it but no bringing the cat home. At the same time, their pet dog is pregnant now. In a month time, there will be lots of puppies at home and that will keep their mind of cats. :D I don’t mind having puppies at home because they can live and poo outdoor.

Car Making Funny Sounds

When driving my old junk, I have no problem when that car makes “music” and all kind of funny sound. As long as the engine is running smoothly, the temperature is cool and air-cond is cool too, we are cool with the funny sounds. Hey! I said my car is an old junk right? What do you expect! :P

However, I am currently driving my husband’s car which is slightly younger than my old junk and it is not common for it to make funny sound. There’s some kind of squeaking sounds like the engine is not fully lubricated but we just can the engine oil recently. Or could it be the brake disc and it is time to change the brake pads.

You know lar we ladies, we know how to drive only but have no idea about car maintenance. Some of us, to pump petrol and air also need hubby to cowtim (help). :P

Purple Boots RIP

With the maid around, I don’t have to hang and collect my laundry anymore. It means that my purple boots does not serve me anymore. My children wanted to convert my boots to rain boots since it has been raining for the pass few days. But I did not allow them coz I do not want them to fall sick due to playing in the rain. School holiday is just around the corner and I do not want this house to turn into a mini hospital.

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