Tips of on giving instruction to men

When giving instruction to men, we must be very specific. I guess, their mind does not work on a basis of common sense. To me, they are like a robot that has been programme to do certain task. You cannot tell them to “mop the floor”. U will probably ended up with a mopped floor at the spot that he is sitting/standing. You must be specific like “Mop the living room floor or Mop the whole house floor.” This is just one example that I have personally experienced. Like if you want them to buy a pdp, you have to be specific which pdp you are talking about.

Unfortunately, I am quite forgetful. Last Saturday night, I told my hubby to iron the clothes for church because I have a backache and can’t stand too long to do the ironing. I woke up the next day with a pile of our children’s church clothing still on the table un-ironed. Only one shirt is ironed and that is hubby’s. Do I get upset with him? Almost but I remembered that I did not specifically tell him to iron ALL the clothes on the table. My bad.

So, ladies, remember, be specific, be very specific to avoid any heartache. :D

Confinement Officially Over

Day 44.

My confinement is officially over. Supposedly I can eat all the food that I enjoyed but due to c-sec, I have to refrain from certain seafood like prawn, crab, scallop, squid etc and certain type of fish.

I started eating some chicken and duck meat after 40 days. Praise God so far, no negative effect on my wound.

I even accidentally ate Kaya (lots n lots of eggs in it) with Pulut Tekan last Sunday before going to Church. I only realised it when I took the 2nd bite after coming back from church. I was like “OMG! Kaya = Eggs!” I prayed hard after that that it won’t effect my wound, no puss please. Thank God, He answered my prayer. Quickly swallow all my supplements and drank a bottle of Ikan Haruan Essense that day.

I started doing more house chores at home, drove my dad’s Saga a few times and started screaming raising my voice again. ;)

Stress does cause me pain but not as bad as before. But I still dare not carry my more than 10kg 16mo baby. Poor baby. I have to depend on hubby and my eldest daughter in that area.

I hope in another month, the pain will completely go away and I can carry my 16mo again. I miss carrying her.

Baby and Mommy Check-Up at 1 month old

I brought my 37 days old baby for his first monthly check-up at the clinic just now. Praise God that he is growing well. He is at 4.06kg today. The doctor was surprised that he was diagnosed as IUGR baby when he was still in my womb at 35 weeks. He does not look like one now. Praise God for answered prayer. He is getting chubbier each day with 2 hourly Mommy’s milk; day and night. Thank God I am used to staying up late and not getting enough sleep during the night. I tried to nap in the afternoon for an hour or two when possible. ;)

As for me, I am standing at 49.5kg. So happy! I am still eating as often as I can (i’m a small eater, you see) and drink hot chocolate or Milo to boost my milk supply. As for the c-sec, it is healing but slow. I braved myself and started drinking fish essence with dunno what Chinese herbs, not so bad. I hope it will speed up the healing process.

I still can’t cope taking care of 2 babies at the same time without any helper so I resorted to seeking my mom’s help again to mind my 15mo when hubby has to work night time during school nights. If it is not school night, my eldest can help. Thank God for daughters. :D

Quiet and Relaxing Confinement

This is how a confinement should be like. Just me, baby and hubby in a quite house. Even with my firstborn, I didn’t get to experience the same. I was at my parent’s without hubby with me when I needed him most.

Since this is my last baby, I am going to enjoy this time alone with baby and treasure every second of it.

Due to c-sec, I can’t be in my 14.5mo presence because she will ask me to pick her up every time she sees me. My almost 3yo loves to hug me and accidentally hit my c-sec area. Ouch! I get easily stress up/tense with my older 3 when it comes to their homework, studying for spelling and when they fight too. Those hurts my tummy also.

I have no choice but to leave them all; day and night with my parents at their house until my confinement is over and fit enough to mind them all by myself. God bless my Papa and Nya Nya.

Baby Yosef

baby yosef

This lil cutie is my 6th, my 3rd son and youngest in the family. :D

He is born via c-sec on the 27th of March 2012 at 1.18pm, weighing at 2.6kg. He is the tiniest amongst his siblings but I believe he will out-grown them in no time. :D

I praise God for a healthy and perfect baby even though we encountered some problems throughout the pregnancy.

I thank those who have prayed for us too. We need prayers to move God’s hand.

Yosef is a Hebrew name which means God shall add/bless.

No Maid, No Earpain

I dislike hearing complaints from maid especially when I am being too lenient with them. If I give you lots of work and no rest, always scold you and didn’t compensate for your hard-work then you go complaint about me I don’t mind.

Ini, I only give a few chores like sweep and mop the floor, wash toilets and bathrooms, wash my children’s school shoes and iron their school uniforms, she started “hinting” to my mom that I should employ a maid (you want to pay for me arh?), my children made the floor dirty again after she just mopped (kan dah nama children), why I must have so many children (my children does not call her for help when she’s around, so why bother) and if possible she does not want to come help me anymore (lazy mah, my mom’s house smaller).

Itupun, I did not open my mouth to her about how she sweeps the floor; she only sweeps the open area, under the cupboard and cushion chairs not swept at all. She did not do dusting at all; lizard shit on the chairs, under the window panes and tv cabinet untouched. She mopped very lightly, dried lizard shit and stain on the floor did not go away. She used too much Clorox and toilet cleaner; 2 times came, almost one bottle finished! Never put back the things that she used back to it’s place. Did not scrub the school shoes sole clean. Missed a few window panes when wiping them clean and did not wipe all of them clean; sure got some part tak kena wipe. That was the first time, when she came again the 2nd time, I did not ask her to wipe the windows.

Why I still want her to come help me for the 2nd time? Well, at that time, better than no help at all coz I have no energy to do all those.

Now that I have gained back my energy, she will not step foot in my house again. I penat tak apa, asalkan kuping gua tak sakit dengeh her complaints to my mom.

Challenges in Breastfeeding – Weaning Gradually with Love

My 4th child is now 27 months old. Recently I got tired of breastfeeding 2 babies (my body can’t take it anymore – am listening to my body) and decided to wean my toddler. He wakes up 2-3 a night to nurse unlike his baby sister who wakes up only once after 6-8 hours of sleep. Due to it, I have been sleep deprived for more than 2 years.

How do I wean my toddler from breastfeeding? Well, I don’t like the old fashion way of weaning like putting ointment, spicy or bitter stuff on the nipples. I don’t like the idea of physically “torturing” my child. I want it to be as natural as possible and with lots of love. So I wean my Baby (I still call him Baby!) gradually. It takes time. Hey! I am not rushing to go anywhere, anyway. ;)

So this is what I did and still doing. I try to distract him with food, toys and activities. When he is occupied with those stuff, he doesn’t think about mommy’s milk. At night, before bedtime, I normally give him 6oz of formula milk and sometimes, we ate supper together. When his tummy is full, he can sleep through the night.

He does wake up in the middle of the night, looking for mommy’s milk. Sometimes, I sternly tell him to go back to sleep. Sometimes, I tell him that his baby sister wants to drink at that time (you see, he loves his baby sister and always give in to her) and sometimes, I just let him nurse for comfort.

Now it is down to once a day, maximum. Last week, he didn’t even look for my milk for 3 days in a row. He was too occupied playing with his cousins for morning till night.

Last Sunday, when he sees another toddler his age drinking her mommy’s milk, he asked for his too! :) Even though I tell him “No”, he insisted because he sees that I am not busy with his baby sister. We were in the Mother’s Room in church you see. So, I gave.

I will still nurse him from time to time. Just to lepaskan gian. ;)

Challenges in Breastfeeding – Still producing for TWO.

My last post on breastfeeding was in February. Since then, nothing has change much about my breastfeeding journey. My 4th child turned 2 years old last month and he hardly drink formula milk. The most he will drink is an ounce! Whenever he sees that I am free from nursing his baby sister, he will hop on my lap and request for mommy’s milk. Even when I am still carrying his baby sister, he will ask me to put his sister down! At times when I am nursing his baby sister, he will help himself with the other boob if I allow him.

I think I “spoiled” him. During the first few days after giving birthday to his baby sister, every time my breast is engorged, I get him to suck it. Sometimes 2-3 times per night. He got so used to it and now he still wakes up 2-3 times every night to have a dose of mommy’s milk. Even though my newborn sleeps through the night for at least 8 hours before looking for mommy’s milk, I still can’t enjoy sleeping 6-8 hours straight. I have to wake up for my 2yo. If I don’t he will cry till he gets it.

I thank God that my body can still produce breast milk for 2 until this day. Never once my newborn did not have enough because her kor kor is drinking at the same time. The more kor kor drinks, the more milk mei mei will get. My newborn often cry not because she does not have enough but she is getting more than she wants. After she is full, she just wants to suckle to sleep but milk is still flowing out. She will cry out loud because she does not want anymore. At times, I was so tempted to give her the pacifier but I did not. What I did was, I get her kor kor to almost empty the side she wants to suckle then pass back to her. No more fast flowing milk and she will be happily suckles it to sleep.

I have no intention to wean my 2yo. As long as he wants my milk, I will let him drink. Breast milk is the best medicine too. When he had fever recently, he refused water, don’t even want 100Plus and hardly eat any solid. All he wants was my boobs. With some paracetamol syrup to bring down his temperature and breast milk almost the whole day, he got better the next day.

I got the feeling that he will “hang around” as long as I have milk in my boobs. ;)

Obsessed with Body Shaping

One of my mommy blogger friends is obsessed with body shaping. I am not so sure whether she takes any diet pills to help her slim down after her 4th child but she did mention in FB that she heads the gym 4 times a week. Her tummy is so flat now and looks flawless too! She is aiming to get a body age of 10 years younger than her actual age.; she got 5 more years to go. Hmm…10 years younger. That would be at 27yo for me. My tummy wasn’t that flat when I was at 27yo. The flattest was when I was 17yo and after I got my 4th child. :D

Anyway, what happened to all the stretch marks??? I did get back my flat tummy after giving birth to my 4th child but the ugly stretch marks stayed. Must ask her on that. :)

As for me now, I can’t be obsessed with body shaping now because I am still breastfeeding, not one but 2 babies! Both mine but not twins; tandem nursing. ;) Maybe I should start doing some stretching and sit ups while waiting for the eldest to wean off my boobs. ;)

Let’s Do Threesome!

I am serious! I am planning to do threesome because both of them wants me at the same time. Dei! I’m talking about breastfeeding my babies lar. :P

I am tandem nursing my babies but one at the time. Lately both wants to nurse at the same time. So it has been, either one will be left crying while I nurse one of them (that is when hubby is at work) or hubby has to take one away and distract him/her until we are done.

I just browsed through the images of tandem nursing and I roughly got the idea of nursing both at the same time. The only way of nursing both at the same time is for me to sit down which I don’t really favor; tiring you know. I like to nurse lying down because I do not have to hold my baby and I can doze off too or play games on my mobile phone. ;)

So, threesome or not? Let’s see how things go these few days. ;)

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