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After more than a year, it is nice to see the Green Bar again on this blog of mine. :) Even though the length of the Green Bar has shortened, it is better than no Green Bar at all. Not only for this blog, I have the Green Bar at my Blogspot and my Recipe blog too. Even hubby’s blogspot got a Green Bar now. I think this is Google’s Christmas gift for us. How long will it last? Only the Big G knows. Since I have the Green Bar back, I am now more motivated to submit my blogs to web directory list so that I can get more backlinks and visits which will increase the length of the Green Bar in due time. :)

Nyonya Pineapple Tarts in London

This morning pulak, I received an email from London!

Hi Michelle,

I live in London, UK and would like to know where I can purchase pineapple tarts?

Aiyoyo! You live in London and you ask me where to buy pineapple tarts? I have never been to UK and never will be unless I strike lottery. :lol:

And that is no way I can export my Nyonya Pineapple Tarts to UK unless she doesn’t mind eating Nyonya Pineapple Crumbs. :lol:

Hey, you Nyonyas who live in UK, go learn how to make Nyonya Pineapple Tarts and start a home business there. :P Dunno how? Search in this blog, I got the recipe and even step by step on how to make the pastry in Youtube!

How to Get Fat the Unhealthy Way

choc chip cookies

Munch this whole container of yummilicious Chocolate Chip Cookies for breakfast, tea-time and supper. :lol:

I just baked the above Chocolate Chip Cookies at my mom’s just now. She has bigger oven, she can babysit my baby while I bake and she can clean up for me. :lol: My fingers still not healed yet mah; if I play with lots of water, it will dry up slower mah. :P

I am sure gonna bake the same for CNY. :D So easy peasy to prepare and sedap I tell you. ;)

Come, come I give you the recipe, you go try, then tell me nice or not.

250g Pure Butter
1/3 Cup Castor Sugar
1/3 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Tbsp Vanilla Essense
2 Large Eggs
4 Cups SR Flour
1/2 Cup Hersley’s Chocolate Chips

Beat Butter, Sugar and Vanilla till smooth then add in the eggs, beat till fluffy. Sift in the flour and mix with spoon. Then add in the chocolate chips.

Make them in a small ball and place them on the tray with baking sheets. Then flatten them with your palm. This is fun; let your children help you with this. Make sure they wash their hands clean ok. ;)

Bake at 175C (top n bottom heating) for 10 minutes. Let it cool before you devour them. :D If not sure will kena sore throat one.

For today’s batch, my 5yo girl and 3yo son helped me beat the butter, sugar and eggs. But the rolling into balls and flattening them, I did. Too fun to let them do it. :P Nah…Dibo the Gift Dragon is more fun for them.

iCook and iBake

Since the chicken and fish has been thawed and my 6yo agreed to help me mop the floor, I decided to cook to save money. Ever since I don’t earn much side income now, I am quite reluctant to spend hubby’s money. I nice wifey eh. :P

This is what iCook:

chicken tempra

Chicken Tempra


Stir Fried Okra

sambal fish

Sambal Fish

And I also experimented making my own Teh C Special but did not manage to get the 3 layer presentation. My mistake was the lower density liquid should be poured first into the glass; I did the opposite! :P

teh c special

After that, while hubby naps with baby, we (my other 3 children and I) baked Chocolate Chip Cookies. Improvised from Karen Cheng’s M&M Cookie Recipe. I don’t really fancy letting my children eat those colourful M&M so I substituted them with Hershey’s Chocolate Chips and some Sunflower seeds.


Quite a fruitful Saturday for us. :D

Slow Mode

I am so not in the mood to blog serious stuff today. Firstly, it is raining and that slows down everything. We (hubby and I) normally go on slow mode when it is raining or cloudy day. We just wanna stay at home and do nothing; just being lazy. Our mind just cannot work! :lol:

I wanted to blog about Fenugreek (Halba) but lazy to go inside my room to get my camera to upload the photos.

Later today, we will be baking Nyonya Pineapple Tarts. They are for my SIL who is going to celebrate Deepavali at her brother’s house in JB this weekend.

Tomorrow, it will be another baking session. I’ll be baking Mango Cake for my SIL.

mango cake

Mangos from my dad’s. He has a few Mango trees. I got the recipe from here after reading the review from here. My first try was last Saturday and everyone who tried the Mango Cake likes it. :D Even though I mix the batter wrongly! I go sieve the brown sugar with the flour! So use to doing this when baking muffins. :P I was speechless when my SIL requested me to bake for her; she wants to buy from me wor!*wink, wink* :D

After 2 weeks of resting, life is gonna get busy again. No more slow mode after this. :P

Chicken Pong Teh, Cauliflower, Carrot & Sambal Belacan

Chicken Pong Teh, Fried Cauliflower with Carrot and Sambal Belacan will be our lunch and dinner today; prepared by my maid and I. I am so used to cooking and when baby is still sleeping I felt restless with nothing to do so I helped her and making sure she prepares the food the way I want it to be. Yup! I am fussy when I want to. :P

pong teh

I added some hard boiled eggs into the Chicken Pong Teh for my children coz 2 of them don’t like eating meat.


Hubby just told me that he does not really like cauliflower because it is not green veggie. Haiya, tell lar earlier. I cooked so much already.

sambal belacan

This is a MUST to eat together with the Chicken Pong Teh; Sambal Belacan. Unfortunately, I still can’t touch this because it has shrimp paste. No unclean food for me yet coz my right tummy still hurts.

You can get the recipe by clicking below links:
Chicken Pong Teh
Sambal Belacan

More Than A Cookbook

I look forward to August 23, 2009. That will be the day that I will be 100% housewife; not just a WAHM. Hey, I work you know, I blog to earn money. :P That is the day that my maid will leave us for a month holiday. I have already imagine how my household will be and how the compound will look like. Please don’t come visit me during that one month unless you come to help me out. :P Anyway, I thank God that my mom is living very near my in-law’s house and the cooking will be done by her. Phew! One burden lifted up. If not I must head to the Book Shop to get some cookbooks.

Talking about cookbook, have you heard about the big fat duck cookbook? It is not just any other cookbook. In The Big Fat Duck Cookbook, you will know the full story of the meteoric rise of Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck, birthplace of snail porridge and bacon-and-egg ice cream, and encounter the passion, perfection and weird science behind the man and the restaurant then only you will find 50 of his signature recipes.

Heston Blumenthal is widely acknowledged to be a genius, and The Fat Duck has twice been voted the Best Restaurant in the World by a peer group of top chefs.

Sunday Special

We had Baked Chicken chicken for lunch. You can get the recipe here.

baked chicken

And for dinner, my children had Western Breakfast! Yup, breakfast menu for dinner. :P


Reason being, those were the only food in the fridge that my children will surely eat.

I had stomachache coz I ate Nyonya Chang from dunno when! My tummy still can’t take glutinous rice. :( Besides that, I ate Chocolate, Ice Cream and Pengat Durian. Fattening stuff!!!

The weather was gloomy and cold. Everything runs on slow mode! My 2.5 months old baby slept almost the whole day! He woke up at 10.30am, slept again at 11.30am till 2pm, then from 3pm to 5pm, then 6.30pm to 8.30pm and at 10pm we settle for the day. He is still sleeping now.

Bliss! :D

On Father’s Day

Hubby brought our 3 older children to church so that I can prepared a surprise lunch for him while baby sleeps.

I baked this…

baked chicken

Marinated it the night before. The skin is a lil bit burnt but the taste is delicious. You can get the recipe here. My sebarang hentam recipe. :lol:

While the chicken is baking in the oven and while baby is sleeping, I knead this…


One hand to shake the cradle and another hand to knead. You see, my baby is a light sleeper and is very jumpy too.

And this came out from the oven 1.5 hours later.


Those are my surprise lunch for hubby on Father’s Day. :D

Elba Electric Oven 35L


Tada! Here’s my very own Elba Electric Oven; model EO-3586. Bought it at Carrefour at RM259.00. Considered a good price because at Jusco, it was RM279.00 and HSL Electrical shop RM270.00. Thank God both places have no stock. If not bought from them already.

Unfortunately, it is a lil bit small to bake a batch of muffins (12 pcs). I can’t place 2 muffin’s tray side by side like what I did with my mom’s electric oven. Like what I did at the above, the bottom tray bakes slower and the surface of the muffins did not crack like it should; just flat like cupcakes surface. I did switch their places after 12 minutes but it is too late for the cracking part. :(

Since the muffins are for our own consumption, we have no problem with the look of our muffins. My children picked the non-crack one first to eat. Main thing, must save electricity. :)


Since that a few left comment about the control knob, here’s how I uses it.

The control knob:
At 12 o’clock is the Rotate Only.
At 3 o’clock is the Blow Only.
At 6 o’clock is the Rotate and Blow.

For baking cakes, cookies and muffins, I use the Blow function so that the temperature will be distributed evenly. So that the surface of our creation will be nice and brown. Oh ya! For cakes and cookies, I uses Bottom heating (the 3rd knob from above) only because if you use the Top and Bottom heating, the top of your cakes and cookies will get burnt very fast. As for muffins, I use Top and Bottom heating coz muffins get cooked within 15 minutes times and we need the heat to make the top of the muffins crack. ;) About the temperature, I use between 150′c to 170′C. All this you got to trial and error.

For Pizza, I use Top and Bottom Heating at 250′C.

Remember this…

Roasting Chicken – Use top and bottom heating for the first half an hour. The other half, use bottom heating only. So that the top of the chicken does not burnt.

Baking Cookies – Use bottom heating only.

Baking Cake – Use the top and bottom heating for 10-15mins (depending on the thickness of the cake) or until the cake has risen. Then bottom heating till done. This is to avoid the top part being burnt and cracked.

The above is the result of my trial and error for a few years. :)

For recipe and picture of my burnt chicken, visit my recipe below at Btw, I am a Nyonya; so if you wanna try some Nyonya dish, they are there too. :D

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